2014 Highlights & Lowlights (a year in review)

Can’t believe it has already been almost a month since 2015 started and i’m still missing the holidays. To be honest, the thought that it’s already 2015 hasn’t sunk in to me yet. ‘Til now i’m still confused on what year to write on forms.  2014 brought so much change. It has been a year full of adventures, heartaches and emotional windwhirl.

So here are the highlights and lowlights of my 2014:

January: usual drill, i was a happy owl, I was able to go back home to spend the new year with my family.

February: based on my facebook posts, it was a pretty boring month and nothing extraordinary happened.

March: Visited a few of Dubai’s historical landmarks e.g. Dubai Museum and Bastakiya.

April: After 2 years of staying in Bur Dubai I finally went out of my comfort zone and decided to move to a new place where it’s just 10mins. away from my workplace. Feeling so cozy now in JLT.

May: work work work + Food and Oman adventure + this was also the month I’ve discovered that I’m allergic to eating chicken meat (and it sucks big time). I had to limit my Chicken meat intake to twice a week. :(

June: I was able to travel. It was an awesome adventure and I’ve been dying to blog about it but at the same time I felt like It requires a significant amount of work because this country is so damn special and it requires a special post which put me into a big amount of pressure, that’s why the Georgia blog post never happened. lol but I swear to my coffee, if I have the chance I’ll definitely go back to this place. As an anti social kind of person, this country gave me that unexplainable awesome feeling that you’ll get when you interact with other people with different culture knowing the fact that they don’t speak English. Google translate and google map came in handy.

July: went back home to the Philippines to commemorate my father’s 1st death anniversary. It was the month I’ve  realized my birth month will never be the same again and I will never ever recover to the thought of him being gone. No matter what anybody says about grief and time healing all wounds, I guess there are certain sorrows that will just never fade away.

I also celebrated my 25th birthday with my family and friends. Typhoon Glenda made it really a memorable one. Our house and farm was devastated because of  the typhoon but I felt really thankful for having the company of really good friends with me during that unearthly time. They werent able to go home for 2 days. :)) Lots of “I am growing old” thoughts happened during this month. I was also able to grant my father’s wish. I also got a tattoo in memory of him.

August: It was a month of hibernation and emotional breakdown. I was mentally and emotionally confused. I hated everything and everyone around me. I don’t 100% mean it but you know there just comes a point in your life when people just completely annoy you, piss you off and let you down …and I absolutely don’t have the patience for it. This was the time when food & movies > people. In short, I was better off alone most of the time.

September: I remembered I’ve spent most of my weekends during this month doing Skype sessions, catching up with friends and doing some part time job so yeah you could say it was pretty much productive.

October: Halloween was fun. Contagion Run happened. It was such a good experience and I’m glad I did it and i’m definitely doing it again this 2015! I have also attained my desired weight… I was starting to get back on track by the end of the month.

November: Oooh November was such a nice month. It was actually my favorite time of the year. Was able to attend a few art exhibits. Also, I met someone unexpectedly and he turned out to be special. *wink wink* …I also went back from eating normally.

December: The last month of the year ain’t that bad as I expected it to be.  It was really hella crazy at work but I was happy with my outside-work life. I was able to witness the longest graffiti being done, joined the Color Run, spent Christmas with nice people, was able to practice drawing again and made memories with people worth my time. If there’s just one regret I have for last year, it was taking my health for granted. I was hospitalized last month because of not eating properly and I swear my life I wouldn’t ever want to experience that kind of pain again.

In a way, I felt like I haven’t done much in 2014 but I’m still thankful that I’ve accomplished some good ones. It was a pretty great year. Not to mention, I’ve managed to learn who my real friends are. Well they’re quite a few but you know, quality over quantity.

I’ve also met a lot of amazing people who really inspired me and I couldnt be more thankful enough, especially to this one person I know whom since I met has never failed to put a smile on my face. Meeting you was unexpected but thank you and I just wanted you to know that you really inspire me and you made me see things in a different perspective. It’s a real great pleasure to meet you babe. :)

January 2015: Like every normal human being breathing on Earth during the 1st month of the year, of course I am inspired. I’m inspired to do a lot of things and accomplish some things for the year. I mean who won’t be inspired, it’s a new beginning. Fresh start. Cliche as it may sound but it is what it is. :D

Well honestly, to start off, things are really getting pretty rocky at work but you know I’m still hoping that I’ll find the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s already been almost 3 years, Tin. Maybe time to wake up? On a side note, I am hoping to improve my Photography skillsssss so I’ve been attending Photography classes. Been dying to buy a new lens since last year but I guess there’s no point buying a new one if i’m still struggling so I’ll stick with my kit lens for now and learn the basics first.  I’ve started learning how to drive as well. :D Also, I’m back to 50 freaking kilos from 44. It was kind of disappointing really but who cares anyway at least I have a happy tummy lol.

I also started the year by travelling so it was cool, hoping for more travel adventures this year.

I don’t have any major resolutions for 2015 except the usual: to improve in all aspects.  Here’s a few things I’d like to improve on for this year:

– be organized

– save money

– explore

– learn how to say no

– never settle for less

– exercise more

– write more

– make time for creativity

– eat healthy

– minimize caffeine intake

– let kindness rule

– create good habits

In addition, maybe I’ll try to be nicer to people and I’ll try my best to speak up whenever I can.

2014 was a year of self realization and development. 2015 is a year of manifestation and clarity. Thanks for the lessons 2014 but 2015, this is the year to make things happen.  Looking forward for more great adventures. :)



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