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June 2016

Fujifilm Middle East: Night ISO Walk

Over the weekend, Fujifilm Middle East organized a photowalk event for enthusiasts with the theme  “Night ISO Walk. Basically they wanted photographers to break the ‘ISOphobia’. Honestly, I’m very much guilty of this phobia since I hate shooting at night. I always like to take photos with natural light (you can even check my instagram here, most of my shots are taken during day time) so this is…

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The Military Diet

First and foremost I would like to say that i’m no health expert. I’m just a girl who loves to eat and just trying to fit my old clothes back again because I am running out of clothes to wear anymore. Also I want to mention that I used to weigh 44kg and after a year I don’t know what happened (oh yes you do!) but I gained 10 effin kilos.…

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