Hi! My name is Tin and I’m a graphic designer!

My primary area of focus as of the moment is to work with people and businesses to achieve greater presence in building their business and brand (my serious love for branding never fades!), and to assist and guide them as they wade through these unfamiliar waters.

Also in this blog, you’ll find out that I love to explore and travel (and eat!) though I haven’t traveled much yet but we’ll get into that (I promise!) My love for visuals also made me love the artsy fartsy stuff which includes street art and photography. I love going to art exhibits (please invite me!) and art cafes.

Just a disclaimer, the English grammar is my second language so please don’t be a nazi when you find my sentences confusing or incorrect haha!

While most of the people (my age) I know are already starting to build families of their own, I’m just here worrying where to travel, where to eat or which movie or series to watch next (I’m currently obsessed with Stranger Things and House of Cards, and no I haven’t watched a single episode of Game of Thrones, sorry!).

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