Atisuto: A Taste of Japan at Al Ghurair Centre

Few weeks ago, me and Ralph were craving for Japanese food. Of course, the researcher in me has decided to go online first and searched at Zomato to help us out. I think Ralph and I has already made it a habit to search online to read reviews and menus first before going to a specific restaurant (even if we’re exactly right in front of that restaurant, yup most of the times, because we’re so introverts, we don’t have the guts to ask the staff so we always ended up reading the menu/reviews through our mobile phones!). So yup, there’s this Japanese place that popped out… Atisuto and we also found out that they just opened a new branch in Al Ghurair Centre.

Since we have free time that day and since we’ve read good reviews, we took the risk of going through all the way in Al Ghurair Centre and try Atisuto.

Well the place isn’t that hard to notice as it’s beside Spinney’s and another Japanese bakery (Yakitate).

We reached the place at around past 7 in the evening on a Monday so it wasn’t too busy and it was pretty quiet which is perfect for us because we really try our best to stay away to crowded restaurants as much as we could (yes, most of the times we hate people. :)). This place resembles Japan’s street eateries.

One thing I loved the most in Atisuto? They have really nice interior, no doubt. I’m a big fan. I felt like I was transported to the Edo/Tokugawa Period (yup, learned that from Samurai X :P). Ralph loved it as well since he was a big fan of the samurai era. He made me watch the Rorouni Kenshin franchise twice! I’m not even a fan of the manga/anime (i’m more into the shounen genre).

I instantly felt its Japanese authenticity the moment I entered the place because of this Japanese guy that’s cooking a yakiniku (japanese bbq) and it smelled so good. Right from the start, I knew that it wasn’t your typical mall restaurant. And yes, they have a resident japanese chef.

This is me looking odd while waiting for our orders… observing and looking into the nice interior (particularly the ceiling) of the place.

Yes, I was FANcy-ing over this ceiling.

The staff at Atisuto has been very nice and accomodating to us. Since I was hungry and their menu was overwhelming and I felt like I wanted to order everything on their menu, our server suggested that we try their Omasake of the day which consists of dishes selected by the chef (everything from starter to dessert) and is already good for two people. Also I wanted to try how good they serve their rames so I also ordered a small bowl of beef ramen. For starters, I was thinking of ordering edamame but I felt like Ralph wouldn’t like it so we opted for a takoyaki instead thus I couldn’t believe he hasn’t tried takoyaki before.

The service was pretty quick. When they served the takoyaki, I was teary eyed (exagg..) because I was craving for these babies since ages! And yes, it didn’t disappoint. Fresh, hot, crispy on the outside and a bit creamy on the inside just the way i like it. Nomnomnom. Also, Ralph liked it too!

They immediately served the Omakase as well which is ok since we’re starving already. After finishing the takoyaki we immediately went on to the starters included on the omakase which is composed of: two chicken gyoza, one chicken yakitori, nasu dengaku, one prawn tempura, and one chicken harumaki which all tasted nice except for the nasu dengaku which is a miso glazed eggplant and since we’re not eggplant lovers we didn’t bother to try it. And oh, I forgot to mention that the miso soup was lovely as well.

Off to the main dish! The chicken katsu curry. I really liked this one since it’s a battle of sweetness and saltiness in my mouth on every bite.

After the chicken katsu curry, our lovely beef ramen was served. Now for the ramen, i felt like it was too greasy and “creamy” for me but it wasn’t bad at all. I just feel like if you’ve already tasted a lot of ramen and you’re searching for the best one, I’m not quite sure if Atisuto’s the best place to be but it’s worth a try.

Then we moved on to the main reason we went here: SUSHI! The omakase sushi platter includes: crab sandwich, two pieces california rolls, one salmon nigiri and one tuna nigiri. And Yes I’m glad to say the sushis were fresh and perfect. Ralph and I really liked it just except for the crab sandwich which tasted weird for us. Well, not really the taste but probably the texture. The one that stood out for me was the california rolls.

Now this that cake right there my friends was the star of the show that night. Yup, not the sushi nor the ramen but that lemon cheesecake right there. I would go back to Atisuto again and again for this one. We were already so full when they served this but when we tried it, it was so nice and so mouthwatering that we wanted to order another one. The cake was covered in orange marmalade with some orange peel on a sponge base. It’s not so sweet and very creamy plus the texture was just perfect. I’m drooling right now. Oishi to the highest level.

I love what’s written on their staffs’ shirts: “To eat the fugu, but wishing to live too”. It’s a famous Japanese proverb. Fugu is a delicious fish which has a poison in it which leads to death if eaten, so in order to eat it has to be prepared by a skillful cook who knows how to properly get rid of the poison. Which is very relevant to say that what’s the point of living when u have never tried everything. And yes, I can assure you that Atisuto is worth a try. 🙂

Our bill was placed inside this cup and it was around 200dhs for everything that we ate. Not bad at all considering we even took home half of the sushi platter.

Has Atisuto satisfied our sushi cravings? The answer is yes. Did it manage to live up to our expectations? Yes. Are we going back? Yes for the sushi and for the best lemon cheesecake ever!!! Also, I would love to try their okonomiyaki, I heard it’s quite good. Overall, we enjoyed the food and the ambience was just a bonus. Totally worth going out of our way for. 🙂

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

You can follow Atisuto on Instagram and Twitter: @atisutouae


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