Beat the Heat This Summer: Try Moshi’s Fresh Summer Menu

Get your summer hats and shades on as Dubai’s weather is getting hotter and hotter and not to mention super humid. Although I’m the type of person who just like to stay at home and binge watch some Netflix Series (like Stranger Things!) during summer, but I can say that there are far more ‘cool (and productive) things’ to do to beat the heat in Dubai (e.g This is the best time to try Ski Dubai if you haven’t already, Wild Wadi, Have a warm cup of hot chocolate at Chill Out Lounge on Times Square and the list goes on!).

One of those cool things I tried when summer has started is try Moshi’s All new Summer Menu. BTW Moshi – Momo & Sushi is a restaurnat that’s serving a hybrid of two unique cuisines from the North and South of Asia. I got super excited and ecstatic when Mr. Moshi (note: his alias only) invited me to try their summer menu for two reasons, one because I love sushi and two I love the restaurant itself. Me and Ralph has visited their Barsha branch a couple of times and we fell in love with their sushi rolls. With regards to their Momos (a type of South Asian dumpling)… well let’s just say it’s something new to us so we’re still trying to get used to its taste… we’ve just tried it once so I’m sure when we get used to its taste we will start to crave for it (just like Biryani!). Well, without further a do let’s start this review.

Let’s start of by me applauding their Oud Metha branch as it’s so huge and way nicer than their Al Barsha branch.

From here you can see Moshi staff preparing your orders.

When we entered the place, one of the staff happily greeted us and welcomed us to the place. I must say all of their staff are very friendly and accommodating (Special Mention to Imran and Gibson, thank you guys!) so instant plus points for that. Imran gave us their summer menu (pictured above) and explained how they came up with it.

At first look on the menu, we instantly got intrigued on The Flamin Chicken Cheetos and Chicken Chips Oman because these are two of my favorite chips of all time.

They served us the Strawberry Mojito and Lotus Milkshake first.

Our initial reaction to the strawberry mojito was ‘WOW’. It looks so interesting and unique. What a way to serve a mojito! Then we thought about the safetiness of it since it’s still a light bulb. The staff told us it is safe so ok we found ourselves sipping through the bulb container. It’s really good. I’m very happy that the strawberry overpowers the soda taste. Well this is Dubai so don’t expect any alcohol in it but then what we really loved the most is the Lotus Milkshake. I’m so surprised Ralph didn’t know what Lotus biscuits are so he has no idea what it tastes like but on the other hand I’m a very big fan of the Biscoff brand (even the spread!) so I can definitely say that the milkshake tastes like it. I remember I had a very bad experience with Cinnabon last year with their Lotus Milkshake. It was so awful, it doesn’t even taste like lotus biscuits at all so I can say that this version is 5 out of 5. Even Ralph loved it and it’s definitely a must try. I hope they include it on their regular menu so even if summer’s over, we can still order it.

Next up is the volcano roll and the BPD Dhokla Maki. Btw, I just wanted to say the servings for each platter is good for 2 people.

The volcano rolls are the bomb. It’s so so good. It’s deep fried tempura shrimp on a chicken maki roll. It reminds us of PF Chang’s dynamite shrimp on a sushi! This is my personal favorite among the rest of the menu. The shrimp and chicken is a weird combo but it turned out so well we’re also rating it 5 out of 5. The Dhokla sushi on the other hand is new to us (we don’t even know what Dhokla is but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it on that Amir Khan ‘3 Idiots’ movie so it gave me an idea that it’s an Indian thing). And yes I was right the taste is very India-ish. It has lots of very familiar spices but we just couldn’t tell what it is. it has no meat but very tasty so I guess I’m recommending it for the vegetarians. It’s good that they’ve included vegetarian options on their menu.

We barely even finished the volcano rolls and we already saw the staff coming to us with a weird type of ‘thing’ on his hand. Apparently its their sushi burger.

It looks so yummy that we immediately devoured into it (even if I still have a volcano roll in my mouth!). It is chicken katsu sandwiched over 2 sushi rice buns and drizzled with Moshi’s special mayo.

It’s also so good but made us feel so full afterwards. We had to wait like 5 minutes before we tasted the next menu on the list which is the

Amazing flaming  chicken cheetos sushi roll! It made us so curious it’s one of the things we’ve been meaning to taste on the whole menu.

Listen, if you’re not going to try this, you’ll be missing A LOT. It think this was a brilliant idea. It’s crunchy and spicy. We loved it. It has chicken inside so the cheetos only acts as a topping. It’s addictive.

This is me too excited to try it!

Alongside the flamin cheetos, they also served the hotdog maki. I’m not really a big fan of hotdogs but this one’s ok. I mean it’s not like something I’m gonna order over and over again but it’s worth a try. I recommend this for the kiddos.

Next up they served the Falafel Nigiri. Now this one i didn’t expect to be amazingly yummy! The combination of the textures compliment each other.  I’m rating it 4 out of 5.

It’s the chicken chips oman. Oh Man, it was love at first sight. I’m a big big fan of Oman Chips so upon seeing this on the menu I knew right there that I’ll fall in love with it. Whoever at Moshi has thought of this is a genius! As I’ve said previously, texture is everything and the texture of the oman chips made this sushi roll up to the next level.

The Oman chips made it so tasty. It’s a tad spicy but the cream cheese with chicken inside made it so balanced. It’s so mouthwatering I couldn’t forget about it. It’s rated 5 out of 5 on my book.

This is me trying to figure out what’s inside.

Another vegetarian sushi that they served us was the Zaatar Labneh maki (pictured above – second platter). If you live in the middle east you definitely know what Zaatar and Labneh is. Zataar is a blend of sesame seeds, some herbs and a mixture of spices while Labneh is a strained greek yogurt. It was delightful. The flavor is very very light but still good. I highly recommend it for the vegetarians out there.

To be honest, I didn’t expect their summer menu platters to be that huge so I’m so glad I brought Ralph to help me out. We took our time to taste a bit more of what’s left on the platters to have second thoughts on them and yes we really liked everything on the menu. Based on the picture above you can tell which one we really loved!

As if we’re not so full yet they even gave us not just one but two types of desserts! Even if we don’t think we have space for desserts, we made space for it because it looks delicious!

They gave us these banana nutella rolls and the peanut butter bars which are both hands down awesome. We loved it. Even if we’re so so full, we were able to finish it. Both me and Ralph don’t have sweet tooth so we’re super amazed that we were able to finish the dessert. I guess it’s because both of them weren’t that sweet. It’s just perfect and just right up to our alley.

If you can’t order them all I highly suggest ordering these from the menu:

1.) Volcano Roll

2.) Chicken Chips Oman

3.) Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos

4.) Lotus Milkshake

and if you still have room for dessert the Nutella rolls deserves a spot on your stomach!

The verdict: 4 out 5. You should definitely try Moshi’s Summer Menu to ease that summer pain! It made getting out of the house on a 50 degrees weather all worth it. I’m not just saying this because this post is sponsored but because I’m being very honest, not to mention they’re all so affordable and worth their prices. Big props to this innovative and creative menu. I just can’t wait to pay them a visit again and have my sushi fix.

You can visit Moshi at:

Oud Metha Branch: Shop 5-6, Oud Metha Building, Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai

Al Barsha Branch: Opposite Citymax Hotel, Behind Mall of the Emirates, Barsha 1, Dubai


11 AM to 12 Midnight

They do delivery too!  Call them at 04 4298972

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