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Discovering Armenia in 4 Days

Last month, I had a chance to visit the wonderful country that is Armenia. I bet few of you doesn’t know where Armenia is and maybe heard very little about it (well the Kardashians are of Armenian descent). I’d be honest, when my friend invited me if I could join her to travel to Armenia for…

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Last Exit: Street Food Truck Park

So I finally got a chance to visit the most talked about “Last Exit“. Last Exit is a unique food truck destination with a selection of street food. It is inspired by the American food truck stops and it serves breakfast, lunch, or dinner – 24/7. That’s right folks, the food trucks are open 24-7. Perfect for stop over during long rides/travel. They offer drive thrus too! And oh…

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Brand Identity: New York Based Photographer – Paula Morandarte

A few months ago, I was commissioned by Paula, who is  now a Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer and who also happened to be my friend to rebrand her identity and website. I made her previous brand identity a long time ago when she’s still based in Dubai and more focused on events and weddings.

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During the eid holidays, me and my friends had a quick visit at the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. It was actually my second time to visit the mosque but I must say, i felt exactly the same way during my first visit. I was still so amused and mesmerised by its beauty. It’s just brilliantly beautiful. All those intricate details, patterns and those enormous…

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REVIEW: OLEARY’S Sports Restaurant

Last weekend, I was invited to try a sports restaurant located on Sheikh Zayed – Oleary’s Sports Restaurant. I’ll be honest I haven’t heard of the brand when I first got the invite but apparently it’s one of Sweden’s strongest and most well-known sports bar (although it actually began in Nantucket, outside Boston.). I was really excited to visit because it’s something new to me and in Dubai. I’ve…

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Fujifilm Middle East: Night ISO Walk

Over the weekend, Fujifilm Middle East organized a photowalk event for enthusiasts with the theme  “Night ISO Walk. Basically they wanted photographers to break the ‘ISOphobia’. Honestly, I’m very much guilty of this phobia since I hate shooting at night. I always like to take photos with natural light (you can even check my instagram here, most of my shots are taken during day time) so this is…

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