• We tied the knot!

    Good food, amazing view with the people close to our hearts this is what came down during our wedding last 12th of Jan. I cannot even put into words how special that day was.

  • Spending Our First Valentines Day as a Married Couple

    Nothing sweeter than a Valentine’s Day spent at home.

    I think since my husband I have been together for 4 years (it still gives me the cringe to call him as my husband haha), we don’t crave the fancy dinners and eating out as much as before. Gone are the days when if there’s an occasion, the first thing we will think of is to search for a fancy restaurant and book a reservation. Although of course from time to time we still go out but just when we feel like it. Like we will just go out if we want to try something or if we really want to go outside to see some sun and rest our eyes after a whole day of working in front of the computer.

  • Into the Woods – Our Engagement Photoshoot in Armenia

    Initially Ralph and I weren’t really planning on doing an engagement shoot since we’re not really into it and because we are probably the most awkward people you’ll meet so we can’t really imagine ourselves posing in front of the camera. Also, we thought we’d rather save up for the wedding. But when we arrived to Armenia for a holiday and seen how beautiful the city is, our plans have changed and decided to go for it. It was probably one of the best decisions we ever made.

  • November hit me hard.

    I can’t believe it’s December already. Where has the time gone? Can’t believe I’m getting married next month but before I get to celebrate and enjoy one of my life’s greatest feat, I have to experience pain and sadness first. To say that November was crazy is an understatement. I think it’s the lowest point of my life this year.

    It started really busy, with work, side gigs, wedding preparations and etc. It was crazily busy that I can’t even remember what happened most of the days. It was the kind of busy that I didn’t like. Monotonous and stressful. Ralph and I were restless and sleepless everyday. Most of the time, we ask ourselves if everything that we’ve been doing is even worth it. If Dubai is still even worth it.

  • My blog is back!

    …but some of the posts were not.

    It’s been a while! This website has been on hiatus since I can’t even remember when. For some very weird reason, I deleted everything and I didn’t have any backup. So basically mostly all of my posts from the past few years were gone with the wind. I managed to revive some. It’s very sad but I don’t have the time to sulk and cry on it. It’s the new year and I’m blogging from the beautiful island of BALI so I don’t have time to complain at all. I’ve never been this tanned and happy! All I know is I will try my very best to blog more this year! I will try to share some snippets of my design and travel adventures so stay tuned!

  • On Being 28 and Grateful.

    Wait I’m 28? How come? I can’t still fathom how I’m 2 years away from being 30. It’s a strange feeling knowing I’m getting older since I swear every year for the last 10 years I don’t feel like I aged one bit haha. And yes I know with this new age comes a lot of responsibility. Here’s ...

  • HEY MAY: My Life Lately

    Heya! This blog’s been dead for a month so I thought of doing a quick update. Life’s been keepin me busy lately to the point that I feel like I needed a break again. I just had a 3 weeks vacation last April so i’m really struggling to be productive this month (shouldn’t i feel more refreshed...

  • What’s Up March!

    I can’t believe it’s March already! Time flies so fast and so much has happened already that I feel like the year is about to end soon and 2018 is just around the corner haha! On a good note, the first two months of the year has been great so far for me. I’m truly grateful because I was abl...

  • 2014 Highlights & Lowlights (a year in review)

    Can’t believe it has already been almost a month since 2015 started and i’m still missing the holidays. To be honest, the thought that it’s already 2015 hasn’t sunk in to me yet. ‘Til now i’m still confused on what year to write on forms.  2014 brought so much change. It has been a year full of adventures, heartaches and emotional windwhirl.

    So here are the highlights and lowlights of my 2014:

    January: usual drill, i was a happy owl, I was able to go back home to spend the new year with my family.

    February: based on my facebook posts, it was a pretty boring month and nothing extraordinary happened.

    March: Visited a few of Dubai’s historical landmarks e.g. Dubai Museum and Bastakiya.