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Bloggerang Identity: Community of Content Creators

A few months back, I was commissioned by my blogger friend, Annie (read her blog to create an Identity for a new bloggers’/influencers’ community that she co-founded: BLOGGERANG. It’s a membership-based community of break-out stars influencers that creates collective content for brands and concepts. They promote collaboration and empowerment through sponsored meetups, workshops and influencers campaign.  We faced a lot of technical issues along the way but…

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Brand Identity: New York Based Photographer – Paula Morandarte

A few months ago, I was commissioned by Paula, who is  now a Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer and who also happened to be my friend to rebrand her identity and website. I made her previous brand identity a long time ago when she’s still based in Dubai and more focused on events and weddings.

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I just wanted to share one of the nicest projects I got a chance to work on over the last few months. I had the privilege to work on redesigning Burj Al Arab’s Minibar and Amenities Packaging. For people who don’t know, Burj Al Arab is an iconic seven star luxury hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is managed by the Jumeirah Group and is…

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My first map illustration project. I was a bit hesitant at first whether to accept this project or not because I haven’t done any maps from before plus the fact that I also hate maps because I suck at locations (main reason why I don’t drive). But they talked me through it and said hey, why not give it a try. I was glad I did it. I learned a…

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Paula Film and Photography Branding

Recently i was commissioned by a photographer here in Dubai  Paula  to do her personal branding which includes her logo, website etc. The client design brief was this:

Come up with a branding that represents her style: fun and quirky yet simple and sincere. She does photoshoots related to fashion and lifestyle, corporate and events, kids and families and life documentaries. She likes to incorporate a camera…

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