18 Hours in Bangkok

What if you only have 18 hours in Bangkok? What will you do?

All the way from our Bali trip last January, me and Ralph decided to take a flight with a long layover to Bangkok before going back to Dubai.

Here’s our complete itinerary:

7 Pm: Arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport. 1 hour queue in Immigration. Grabbed our pocket wifi which we booked from Klook. (This was super handy! Most specially if you’re DIY-ing a trip and trying to look for directions on your own: Google Maps is your best friend.) Then we took a cab from the airport. The driver doesn’t speak English at all. We felt powerless but just went with the flow and trusted him. We basically just showed him the address on my phone and the photo of the hotel while we also help him via Google Maps! Gladly, just after an hour, we reached our hotel.

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O Canada: 15 Must-See Places for a First-timer in Toronto

2 months ago, I took a break from work to visit my family in Canada. It was a very nice trip since it’s long and visiting my family means i get a chance to taste my mother’s home cooked food (e.g sinaing na tulingan, tambakol, crispy pata and the list goes on). Also, during my trip the weather is starting to cool down so I could really go visit some places.

I’ve put together a list of my favourite must-see places for a first-timer in Toronto. Since this list is too long I broke it down into 2 posts. You can read PART 1 (List 1-8) of this post here


9. St. Lawrence Market

If you’re strolling through Downtown, Toronto, you shouldn’t miss the St. Lawrence Market. This is where I bought all my Canada souvenirs from.

Named the best food market in the world by NatGeo in 2012, St. Lawrence Market is a foodie heaven and you can pretty much get any Canadian goodies here.

10. Nathan Phillips Square + Osgoode Hall

(looks good at night too!)

Canada’s largest city square. This is where you can take a photo of that huge TORONTO sign reflecting the water. I’m telling you, you can’t leave Toronto without having a quick photo op here. The selfie stick I borrowed was quite handy.

Oh you will be able to find lots of street performers here too! 30minutes is already good enough to stay here. Then take a side trip to the Osgoode Hall.

Use google maps. It’s just nearby. It is a courthouse and it has library inside or if you’re like me who went there and it’s unfortunately closed, you can just sit on one of the benches there, take a deep breath and just enjoy the scenery. It’ll be so relaxing! Take it from me!

11.High Park

My first cherry blossoms experience is at high park! It’s just pretty amazing.

It’s a very good park to bring the kids for picnic or running too. They have a mini zoo and some good places to eat too. There are just loads to do here.

12.The Green Beanery + BMV Bookstore

In a world of Tim hortons, Starbucks, and Second cup, I consider this coffee shop called The Grean Beanery, a hidden gem. A cup of coffee cost less than $2 which for me is incomparable to Starbucks or Costa. It was an old bank turned into a cafe.

(they even used the bank’s previous vault as their coffee paraphernalia’s storage)

The ambiance here is superb. Perfect for an introvert like me. Imagine just sipping a cup of your favorite cappucino on a cold weather while having a view of Honest Ed’s neigbourhood.

It’s a good 30min pause from the busy life. They serve good breakfast too. After your cup of joe, you can just have a relaxing walk along the neigbourhood of Bloor.

5 minutes away from The Green Beanery is the BMV Bookstore. If you’re looking for cheap books, rare books, out of print books, books to sell or trade, vinyls, dvds, comic books, mangas etc. then BMV is the place to go.

This a nerdy paradise haha. Also, there will be no sales people that’s gonna hassle you here 😉

I’ve read from tripadvisor that are many good bakeries nearby as well so i’ve decided to have a look around so I can bring something home. Top google reviews brought me to Baker Street.

Saw some good murals along the way too!

Also nearby is Bulk Barn where you can buy your favorite chocolates and candies (they even have chips and spices too!) PER KILO. The quinoa chocolates are the best!

Then afterwards, you can treat yourself some Korean dinner (You’re already at Koreatown btw.)


(this signages has been there since forever XD)

Wherever country I go, I always make it to a point that Chinatown is part of my itinerary (there’s always chinatown everywhere). Why? Because there are just so many good subjects there most especially if you’re into street photography. Of course if you’ve been to lots of Chiantowns, you already know what to expect. Unlike most of the Chinatown I’ve been to, Toronto’s chinatown is not too overwhelming. I mean it in a good way. It’s kind of less people and very easy to walk through.

I found really good restaurants, souvenir shops and lots of graffitis!

You can also find a Smoke’s Poutinerie and when you’re in Canada, you definitely have to try their famous Poutine!

I’ve also seen some nice Victorian architecture along the way.

But the main reason why I went to Chinatown is because of the Kensington Market where you can find pretty cool stuff. Hipster stuff. I was able to buy lots of good stuff for Ralph here.

It’s a treasure trove of vintage clothing shops!  And there were some really good street performers too. It’s definitely worth a stroll!

14.Roger’s Centre

When visiting Toronto for the first time, you should definitely add “See a Baseball Game” on your itinerary.

I was able to see a Blue Jays baseball game here. It’s huge. I am not a baseball fan but it was a really nice experience. I enjoyed it.

15.Lakeshore Boulevard

Escape the city life at lakeshore Boulevard. It’s a good place for cyclists and runners. Here you can also find the beautiful Humber Bay Arch Bridge.

 Also, if you’re lucky and the weather is good, you can see the beautiful view of the Toronto skyline.

There you have it. My 15 must-see places for a first timer in Toronto. Seriously, I can’t wait to go back in Toronto and discover more places! 

Checkout my Instagram too for more toronto snaps: @tincura

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Travel Diary: Singapore 2017

Last January, me and Ralph had a chance of visiting Singapore and Malaysia for the first time. We were quite lucky it was off peak season so we got our flight tickets from Dubai to Singapore quite cheap. We paid 1700dhs each for our roundtrip tickets from Emirates. We planned our whole itinerary since December last year. You may download our 9 days 8 nights itinerary hereOn a sad note, i don’t know what i was thinking but i’ve brutally deleted 50% of my travel photos on my memory card thinking that i’ve already backed it up and the photos here are what i’ve just recovered using my recovery software. *cries* Anyway, it’s the experience and the memories that counts (said Ralph). 🙂

Day 1

Now we are lucky enough that I have a cousin who lives in Singapore so we saved tons of money in accommodation (which we eventually spent at Marina Bay Sands lol) although the only downside was my cousin’s house in Tampines was quite a bit far from the major attractions in Singapore (super near to the airport though) but no fuss since Singapore’s MTR (Train System) is super convenient or you can just use UBER.

After dropping our luggages at my cousin’s place and resting for a bit, even though we were still lacking some sleep, we didnt want to waste anytime so we immediately grabbed some breakfast at a nearby “hawker” place. Hawker or Hawker Centres are Singapore’s own version of mini food courts. It houses a variety of food stalls that sell loads of super affordable food and even if they’re super cheap, they’re really really good. How I wish we have Hawkers in Dubai.

I immediately tried the soft cooked watery eggs put in a bowl paired with kaya toast since I’ve heard that this is a Singaporean’s favorite breakfast.  During my whole stay in Singapore, i forced myself to try it thrice but unfortunately it always seemed so weird to me. I love all sorts of exotic food but this is just way different for my tongue to accept.

I highly suggest trying out Singapore’s famous Laksa. It’s a spicy curry soup with seafood and some noodles. You may or may not like it. I like it, Ralph hates it.

After our quick breakfast, off we go to explore the streets of Singapore. Starting with Bugis Street. We took our first train ride and dropped off at Bugis Station. While walking, we saw the Bugis Market.

This is me pretending I don’t know somebody’s taking a photo of me. I know. lame.

Then just a few minutes walk from Bugis Street, we eventually found ourselves wandering off the infamous Haji Lane. This place is one of the most insta-worthy spots in Singapore. We saw lots of cool street art and murals here. What can I say, it’s very hipster-ish. Me and Ralph stayed here for hours. We love the vibes going around so we grabbed some drinks and just chill.

After Haji Lane, we took the MRT again and went to find where the super famous Singapore’s Merlion is. It was the perfect timing when we went there as the sun is about to set.

Then we had dinner at Mookata in ORTO. We had a sumptuous BBQ pork feast and a couple of beers and we called it a night.

Day 2

It was our Marina Bay Sands Day but first breakfast. We had Nasi Lemak for Breakfast in a nearby Hawker Centre. Me and Ralph love Nasi Lemak. We keep on ordering it wherever we go.

Then we headed straight to Marina Bay Sands to check in. We’ve decided to stay for 1 night at MBS just for the experience. Even though me and Ralph are like “kuripot” or spendthrifts most of the time (because we know the value of money and we really work hard for it) but we also like to treat ourselves to a bit of luxury sometimes plus we wanted to know how it feels like to stay in a five star hotel.

But are we coming back to stay here again? Hmmm probably not. We really don’t feel like it’s worth it. We were so disappointed with their in room dining and costed us around 200dhs for some croissants, omelet and fruits. Staying here made us realise more that we’re really not into the luxurious lifestyle. We’d rather spend our money to a really good airbnb than staying in a hotel but that’s just us. I still think it’s a worth a stay though but just for 1 night to experience their famous infinity pool overlooking the Singapore skyline.

We spent the rest of the day at MBS, watched the Lights and Water Show then we went to Gluttons by the bay to have some chili crabs. Yum!

Then we finished off the night the night at 1-Altitude. Singapore’s highest bar with the best 360 view of Singapore skyline. We made sure we ordered Singapore Sling! 😛

Day 3

We had our breakfast at Marina Bay Sands. It was bloody expensive but what do you expect, it’s a five star hotel. I just can’t believe I bought an omelet, a croissant and a fruit bowl for 200dhs. Anywho, it still filled up my stomach. We went to the infinity pool at 6 am just to make the most out of it and so only few people will be there.

After checking out, we left our luggages at Marina Bay Sand’s storage so we can just pick it up later. Then we headed off to explore Gardens by the Bay.

Then after Gardens by the Bay, we went straight to Chinatown.

My first impressiongto Chinatown: Why is it so clean??? I was truly impressed. The surroundings are bright and it seemed organised. Not the Chinatown that i’m used to. Well done Singapore.

If you’re looking for souvenirs then Chinatown is the place to be. They actually have everything here. From spices to food like preserved pork like bakwa, dimsums, singapore keychains, trinkets, lucky charms, mugs, fridge magnets and so on.. and the best part is they’re all cheap and you can haggle. Also did you know that the world’s first Michelin-starred food stall can be found here in Singapore? Unfortunately, when we went to the said food stall, the queue was super long so we didn’t bother but we would love to try it next time!

Since it’s almost chinese new year when we went, we saw a lot of preparations going on when we were there.

But our main reason of visiting Chinatown is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

It is actually one of the main attractions in Chinatown. The five-storey Buddhist temple is home to what is reputedly the left canine tooth of the Buddha. It was really beautiful outside but I was stunned when I entered the temple. It was even more amusing seeing all the buddha relics inside.

Also a must visit when you’re Chinatown is the Hindu Temple called the Sri Mariamman. This well designed and colorful temple will just leave you in awe.

The diversity of cultures in Singapore is really amazing. We walked for quite some more and saw these cool artists on the street.

As art enthusiasts, me and Ralph were very fortunate that during our visit in Singapore, The Singapore Art Week was happening so we’ve included it on our itinerary.  We originally planned going to the Singapore Art Museum but we skipped since the Art festival only happens once a year. So after Chinatown, we went to  Aliwal to check out the Urban Art Festival.

Ralph got a chance to paint too so he was totally happy while I’ve spent my time visiting all the galleries and some workshops.

Day 4 -6

Malaysia – Read more about our Malaysia trip here.


Day 7

We only planned spending 2 nights in Malaysia but ended up staying for 4 nights. 😛 We fell in love with the country. Want to know why? Read it here.

Day 8

We’re back to Singapore via bus. How we wish we’ve used the bus also when we arrived at Malaysia since it’s more convenient and way comfortable than travelling by plane! We arrived at around 4:30am but instead of going back to my cousin’s place. Since it’s still super early in the morning, we don’t want to wake up my cousin so we’ve decided to visit Singapore’s Little India. We read somewhere on the internet that there is a 24 hours open mall there called Mustafa Centre where you can buy souvenirs.We just walked from Lavender MRT Station since all the trains weren’t operating yet. It was actually quite a walk but we actually enjoyed it.

Good thing Mustafa Centre has a storage space where they let you leave your luggages for free.

Then we went home, slept for a bit, took a bath then went straight to Orchard Road for a quick stroll then ION Orchard Mall to to buy some souvenirs like Kaya Spread and Uniqlo shirts since we don’t have Uniqlo in Dubai. While at ION Mall, you can also try and go see ION SKY.

Then after shopping, since we still have enough time to kill. We’ve decided to try the Singapore Flyer. Ralph was a bit hesitant at first since he’s quite afraid of heights but I’ve managed to convince him and it was actually worth it! It was a bit raining that day but it was romantic. I highly suggest trying it. The view above is just awesome.

Day 9

We spent our last day in Singapore at Sentosa Island. Sentosa Island is Singapore’s most favourite attraction. It is essentially an island resort which is home to theme parks, spa retreats, golden sandy beaches, golf courses, a marina and fancy hotels. We spent hours of strolling around Sentosa by bike (yes you can rent a bike for a fee once you’re inside). It was very relaxing and we  really enjoyed it.

We also saved tons by using KLOOK. If you don’t have a clue what KLOOK is, you better download it now to save tons of money when travelling. We bought our cable car vouchers here and it’s actually 50% off the original price.

You can also find the Merlion here. While at Sentosa Island, you may checkout Madame Tussauds or Universal Studios.

While strolling around, we saw these wishing bells being sold in one of the shops at Mount Faber. The seller in the shop told us that passersby tie a bell on the bell bridge upon writing their hopes and wishes. Also don’t forget to ring the bell as it will bring positive energy.

After Sentosa Island, since we still have some time left before our flight we thought we could quickly visit Tiong Bahru to grab some coffee and sweets. We just love the ambiance at Plain Vanilla. Super worth the visit! If you’re looking for a quiet coffee shop away from the hustle and bustle, this is the place to be.

We also quickly visited Books Actually which is just near Plain Vanilla Bakery in Tiong Bahru. Me and Ralph always love bookstores so we couldnt leave this place when we entered inside. I mean they have an effin Mystery Book Vending Machine. How cool  is that?!

In terms of lifestyle, Singapore and Dubai is almost the same. Like Dubai, I can say that Singapore has its fair share of luxury. One thing’s for sure – I will definitely be missing all the Hawker Centres and all the Nasi Lemak! Me and Ralph had so much fun! Til we meet again Singapore!

Here’s a breakdown of our Expenses:

1700dhs each for a roundtrip ticket (Emirates) DXB-SG SG-DXB
200 dhs for the two of us budget a day for food (this is too much already)
300 dhs worth of MRT credits and UBER rides for the both of us
600 dhs (food, souvenirs + uniqlo shirts)
100 dhs each Singapore Flyer

I didnt include how much we’ve spent for our stay at Marina Bay Sands because it’s giving me a headache. :))

Make sure to also read our Malaysia Travel Diary here.


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Travel Diary: Malaysia 2017

Malaysia, truly asia. I grew up hearing this slogan almost everyday on the television but never really got a chance to visit even if the country is near to my home country which is the Philippines so last January me and Ralph were truly grateful that we had a chance to visit Malaysia in the middle of our Singapore trip. We actually just planned to stay in KL for 2 nights but we ended up staying for 4 nights! We seriously fell in love in Malaysia – and we’re planning to go back again soon!

Day 1

We left Singapore around 830am and it was just a 30minute plane ride going to Kuala Lumpur. How fast was that? Upon reaching the airport, we immediately went to the money changer (Malaysia’s currency is Ringgit) and ate breakfast. They have almost the same cuisines to Singapore so as usual, we ate Nasi Lemak again. Then we took the train from the airport to be able to transfer to the main train system of KL. Can I say that the train system of Malaysia is too complicated and confusing so better use Uber.

We went straight to our Airbnb at the Regalia Apartment near Putra Shopping Mall. It was very easy to locate and super close to the train station (was cozy too and they have a really cool infinity pool overlooking KL, they have the best view of Kuala Lumpur Skyline). We just relaxed on Day 1 –  meaning slept the whole day and just went shopping. We were basically too lazy to do anything else.

We really liked Secret Recipe by the way even though most of their staff don’t smile much. It’s a restaurant that is famous in Malaysia. Their Chicken Satay was really good.

Day 2

Since we’ve already got some good sleep and had freshened up,  we’ve decided that we’re gonna randomly visit some tourist spots. First is Batu Caves. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Malaysia. It’s pretty convenient to go here as well via train. The Batu Caves are also home to chickens, bats, and plenty of monkeys. We didn’t enter the main cave where there is a long staircase. Just the cave near the entrance. We really didn’t stay long here since it was pretty humid when we went and we felt that we’ve basically seen everything we needed to see. 1 and a half hour is good enough to appreciate the hindu shrines and take photos. Although our visit was quick, we were truly mesmerised with all the statues and the intricate details painted on them.

Next Up: The Petronas Towers

Who wouldn’t know these twin towers? They were actually the tallest building in the world from 1998 until 2004 before the Burj Khalifa in Dubai took over but still they remain the tallest ‘twin’ towers in the world. It was truly amazing and romantic to look at. I don’t think I will ever get tired of staring at it. Me and Ralph took so many photos of it.

After checking out the Petronas Towers, we got hungry. For dinner, after reading on tripadvisor, we found the busy streets of JALAN ALOR. It is the largest food street in Kuala Lumpur. I mean literally you can find all kinds of street food here! They are also open until midnight. Grilled frogs anyone?Mangosteen! yummmmDimsumsChicken feet

Their food was good! Unfortunately I had diarrhea the morning after haha! I have no regrets though.

Day 3

I had to buy Yakult for my digestion since my stomach acted up after eating all the street food form Jalan Alor last night. Anyhow, I was pretty excited for our third day in Malaysia.

Ralph got a chance to do graffiti since Street Art here is pretty big and they really really have the best artists. We noticed most of the streets in Malaysia were full of vibrant murals or street art. Malaysia’s art scene is just booming.After checking out some good graffiti spots around Kuala Lumpur we went back to Jalan Alor for dinner. As usual, we googled where the best place for dinner is before headin out and found this restaurant called EL CERDO. I know the name’s not very local but since we’re craving for pork we wanted to give it a try.  When we went inside, the place was pretty busy but all their staff were very welcoming and helpful.Their service was superb but unfortunately, these baby back ribs were super disappointing. As pork ribs connoisseurs (or so we say to ourselves), this is a 2 out of 10. It was quite expensive and so not worth it. I’ve heard they have the best suckling pig, I wish we’ve ordered that instead.It was really raining so hard that night and  I don’t know what’s on our mind that time that even if it’s raining, we’ve decided to walk from Jalan Alor which will take us roughly 30 minutes to reach our airbnb. We were soaking wet while walking but when we were about to reach our airbnb, we’ve spotted this cute black house along the street which seems like a cafe but we weren’t quite sure since they didnt have any signage outside so we decided to check it out. We found out that it is a cafe and a really cool one. We were still so full from our dinner and soaking wet so we couldn’t stay (even if we badly wanted to because the place is so cozy) but since we were already there we bought a dessert and from their takeaway bag we learned that the cafe is called VCR. The lemon cake that we bought was really good. Perfect with tea while listening to the sound of the rain while staring at the KL skyline. It was actually one of the best and most relaxed night I’ve had in years.

Day 4

For our last day in Kuala Lumpur, we’ve decided that we’re going to check VCR again and this time we’re gonna stay longer. So we woke up early for breakfast and quickly went to that cafe.

VCR is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur – Jalan Galloway. What i like about it is it’s not located on the busy streets of the city but instead it’s conveniently located in a quiet neighbourhood of Pudu. I love how rustic this cafe is. You can read more about our VCR experience here.

After breakfast, off we go to Chinatown. It’s actually almost the same as Singapore’s chinatown (although Singapore’s chinatown is cleaner and much more organised). You will also find all sorts of things here. They also have their own Sri Marriamman Temple. We quickly stopped over in this cafe called ETC for a quick coffee fix. They really have nice coffee.15 minutes walk from Chinatown thanks to our travel guide Google Maps, we’ve reached the Central Market. This is the best place to buy souvenirs in Malaysia.Somewhere along the ground floor we found this portraitists and street artists expressing their talents and giving a dose of old-time character along the long-obscured riverfront.We also found more cool street arts along chinatown.

I think I’ve lost 10 pounds during our stay in Malaysia because of the non stop walking for more than 8 hours. I keep on checking my fitness app and I think it was worth sharing that I made a 4 day streak of 20,000+ steps a day which is such an achievement for a person who doesn’t exercise. haha! But seriously, there is a lot to love about Kuala Lumpur. One of those is the fact that although it has its fair share of luxurious spots, it does not try to conceal its past and their culture. It’s not pretentious. Before visiting, people would tell us you won’t need 4 days to spend in Malaysia. 1 day is enough but I guess they haven’t seen what we’ve seen and experienced what we’ve experience. There’s just to much to do here and visit but to be honest we just enjoyed wandering around and going to random places. I can’t wait to visit other places in Malaysia aside from Kuala Lumpur.

Make sure to also read My Singapore Travel Diary and VCR Cafe Experience.

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VCR Cafe: Probably the most instagrammable Cafe in Kuala Lumpur

Ralph and I discovered this quaint little cafe by chance when we were in Kuala Lumpur last month. I remember we went to Jalan Alor to satisfy our street food cravings. It was really raining so hard that night and  I don’t know what’s on our mind that time why we’ve decided to walk from Jalan Alor to our airbnb which was ideally situated in Jalan Galloway. We were soaking wet while walking but when we were near our airbnb, we’ve spotted this cute black house along the street which seems like a cafe but we weren’t quite sure since they didnt have any signage outside so we decided to check it out. It is a cafe and a really cool one. We were still so full from our dinner at Jalan Alor and we’re soaking wet so we couldn’t stay (even if we badly wanted to because the place is so cozy) but since we are already there we bought a dessert and from their takeaway bag we learned that the cafe is called VCR.

The dessert that we bought was really good. it’s a lemon cake. Perfect with tea while listening to the sound of the rain while staring at the KL skyline. Well, we don’t experience that much rain in Dubai so that night was perfect.

The morning after, we’ve decided that we’re going to check VCR again and this time we’re gonna stay longer. So we woke up early for breakfast and headed there since it’s very near where we’re staying.

VCR is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur – Jalan Galloway. What i like about it is it’s not located on the busy streets of the city but instead it’s conveniently located in a quiet neighbourhood of Pudu. VCR is that black establishment on the photo above. I love it because it’s dark outside and very rustic on the inside.

The moment you step in this cafe, you will instantly feel that you’re away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a place where you can quietly enjoy your coffee while maybe answering to your emails or reading your favorite book. If I only live in Malaysia, this is where I would definitely be taking my clients for meetings. It’s so freaking hard to find a good and quiet cafe in Dubai for meetings (I always struggle to find one!).  Also, have I mentioned that they really have good wifi but that’s just a plus factor. The ambience of this place is jut really homey.

Now let’s go down to business. I must say their coffee is really really good. Their baristas look young as well and that’s kind of amusing to me. It seems that they love what they do. I’m no coffee expert but they have high end coffee makers behind the bar and that makes me think that they take their coffee seriously – and yes it’s very instagram-worthy!

We also ordered their big breakfast which is for a small cafe, isn’t too bad. It was actually good and filled up our empty stomach really well. Their big breakfast is composed of: house made stewed beans, chicken chipolata, grilled tomatoes mushroom fricassee, two free range eggs in any style on sourdough beef bacon or turkey ham.

Me and Ralph had a nice conversation while eating our breakfast here. The place is so cozy, it makes you feel like home. We will definitely go back here given a chance.

VCR Cafe

2, Jalan Galloway,
50510 Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Daily from 8.30am – 11.00pm

You can visit their instagram account here.

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Impromptu Summer Escapade: Musandam, Sultanate of Oman

If you live in Dubai and you’ve had enough sun and tired of the malls, or maybe when it’s too hot to stroll around Dubai’s iconic landmarks. What should you do? Do as the locals do and drive to Musandam, Oman.

This is what me and my friends did a couple of weeks ago. But since we don’t have a car and no one has a license, we opted to just do what a normal tourist would do: search for tours in Groupon! With just a click of a button and for only 179 dhs, we found ourselves one weekend with a group of strangers travelling to Oman for a day trip to Musandam.

Why Oman?

Located on the north, eastern point of the Gulf, a peninsula separated from the rest of Oman by the Emirates. It is a place where the Arabian Gulf meets the Indian Ocean, whose waters are called the Gulf of Oman.  It is the land of the Queen of Sheba, a land of deserts, rolling sands and shifting dunes. A land of spectacular mountains and wadis.

Meetup point for the tour was in Mall of the Emirates at 8:00 am sharp. From there the van and our very cool driver slash photographer was waiting for us. In over three hours we drove all the way to Oman – one of the Arabian Gulf’s most dramatic drives in the Peninsula. We’ve seen some of the region’s most breathtaking views. The drive is somewhat harrowing, climbing a steep, narrow dirt road that winds around the rocky mountain. The scenery is extraordinary, from stone houses built into the sides of precipitous cliffs to the surprisingly fertile Sayh Plateau with its farmed fields of almonds, mangoes, and date palms. ANearby, there are birds-eye-views to Khor an-Najd, a breathtakingly beautiful, glassy turquoise bay.

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