November hit me hard.

I can’t believe it’s December already. Where has the time gone? Can’t believe I’m getting married next month but before I get to celebrate and enjoy one of my life’s greatest feat, I have to experience pain and sadness first. To say that November was crazy is an understatement. I think it’s the lowest point of my life this year.

It started really busy, with work, side gigs, wedding preparations and etc. It was crazily busy that I can’t even remember what happened most of the days. It was the kind of busy that I didn’t like. Monotonous and stressful. Ralph and I were restless and sleepless everyday. Most of the time, we ask ourselves if everything that we’ve been doing is even worth it. If Dubai is still even worth it.

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My blog is back!

…but some of the posts were not.

It’s been a while! This website has been on hiatus since I can’t even remember when. For some very weird reason, I deleted everything and I didn’t have any backup. So basically mostly all of my posts from the past few years were gone with the wind. I managed to revive some. It’s very sad but I don’t have the time to sulk and cry on it. It’s the new year and I’m blogging from the beautiful island of BALI so I don’t have time to complain at all. I’ve never been this tanned and happy! All I know is I will try my very best to blog more this year! I will try to share some snippets of my design and travel adventures so stay tuned! Continue “My blog is back!”

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What does camel meat taste like?

What does Camel meat taste like? Would you like to taste a Camel Burger? How about Camel Pasta alongside a camel Milkshake?

One fine Saturday morning, me and my friend found ourselves wandering in the area of Old Dubai, specifically in the Bastakiya heritage village where there is a restaurant called Local House that serves the infamous camel meat. Located just beside my favorite tea house (Arabian tea House Cafè), Local House is a restaurant that serves traditional and authentic arabian food.
Surrounded by art galleries the area is perfect for a quick walk and sightseeing. You can easily spot the local house restaurant by trying to find the camel statue outside.
Local House
has an arabesque ambiance that goes really well to the whole setting of Bastakiya. When we entered the restaurant it feels like it was an old house converted into a restaurant.
Just look at this cute pepper and salt shakers emirati figures.
The Menu.

I’ve also noticed that a lot of tourists were eating inside. They have outdoor and indoor seating but me and my friend opted to seat at the courtyard and enjoyed the nice weather.
Ok let’s review the most talked about Camel burger. Yup that’s me devouring the Camel burger and my friend who is about to try their camel pasta.
The burger comes with fries and it’s quite big.

First and foremost, to be honest, I wasn’t really a fan of lamb meat or mutton meat, so the idea of eating camel meat was quite weird to me but since I’m always adventurous when it comes to food, i told myself to give it a try. The meat is lean and tough so I quite didn’t like the texture but it is very tasty. Texture aside, it tastes like lamb.
The camel pasta is really good. Not the way as I expected it to be but it was good.  It is more of like Hakka Noodles and I love Hakka Noodles so I really liked it. It’s salty and very spicy.
We’ve also tried one of their camel milk shakes. This one is the Dates flavored. The taste is a mixture of saltiness and sweetness. It reminds me of goat’s milk. Do you know that camel meat is very healthy?  Not only does it contain 40 per cent less fat and cholesterol than cow’s milk, it is also rich in calcium and contains three times more vitamin C, more minerals and iron.
The prices were reasonable. We paid a total of 123dhs for 2 people. As they are very traditional, please be aware that they only accept cash.

All in all, our meal at Local House was quite an experience. If you’re in Dubai and wanted to experience some local flair, I highly suggest to visit this place and try their Camel goodies.

Local House restaurant is located at House No 65, Bastakiya near Al Fahidi Round About Opposite Al Mussallah Post Office Next to Majilis Gallery, Burdubai. You can also visit their website here.


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My Week In Pictures

The past few weeks has been really busy and hectic but it was productive so I thought of sharing the highlights of my week. It started with a very good breakfast by the beach at Leopold’s of London in Jumeirah Beach Residence.

I ordered their September Special which includes rhubarb yogurt, toasts, salmon, turkey ham, asparagus, avocados and eggs. I think it was pricey but given the quality of service they have i think it was fair  enough.

My boyfriend ordered their Eggs benedict and he thinks it was really good (and with this picture you can really tell it is!) For about 40 dhs he thinks it’s worth the price.Their Mocha Frappe is so good!Cappucino.
Nothing beats sipping coffee while enjoying the beach view.Enough with the food posts. I’ve also started to try something new. Since I am kinda obsessed with typography, I am trying to learn the art of Calligraphy. It is pretty tough. You have to mange to do the right angle every time and I kinda suck at it but hey practice makes perfect.Me and my boyfriend started to do skateboarding as well so whenever we have free time during the week we try our best to skate even if it’s freaking 45 degrees outside (even at night time).
We usually go to Emaar Boulevard at Downtown (near Burj Khalifa). It’s quite a nice place to skate to.  Then afterwards we head over to IHOP for some munchies 😀

Whenever me and my boyfriend goes to IHOP, we always try our best to just order appetizers so it’s not too heavy (although most of the time we still can’t finish it).Look at that fluffiness!!!How can you resist not to order some volcano shrimps (although we still think PF Chang’s Dynamite Shrimps are unbeatable).

Appetizers Platter.

This isn’t bad at all for about 120 dhs.

During the week, we always make sure to have time for books, so this week we’re lucky enough to be able to find a time to visit our favorite book shop in Dubai – Kinokuniya in Dubai Mall. It’s our own piece of heaven.

Before heading to the books section we usually check out the art supplies first. Copics, Pencils, Moleskines, Sketchbooks and the likes. Then we head on to the graphic design books and graffiti books section although we dont usually buy them because most of the time, the books that we like are pretty expensive but we love to kill time though browsing and skimming the books over this section. If we really like one book we save up for it.
This week it was pretty unusual for me because instead of graphic design books I found myself on the cook books section of Kinokuniya. lol. This book called Adobo Road by Marvin Gapultos kind of caught my attention and I actually bought it which is not really normal haha. I guess I liked the cover that’s why. I just feel that it’s not your usual Filipino cookbook featuring Maggi Savor and Ajino Moto.
Well, that’s pretty  much it. Most of the week was spent on work. I’m a corporate slaveeeee. On another note, I’m starting to like working on an advertising agency but I miss working inhouse though. It’s so stressful but it’s fun and I’m learning quite a lot.


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