Fujifilm Middle East: Night ISO Walk

Over the weekend, Fujifilm Middle East organized a photowalk event for enthusiasts with the theme  “Night ISO Walk. Basically they wanted photographers to break the ‘ISOphobia’. Honestly, I’m very much guilty of this phobia since I hate shooting at night. I always like to take photos with natural light (you can even check my instagram here, most of my shots are taken during day time) so this is like a game changer.

Just wanted to share a few of my snaps from the photowalk. These photos were taken using Fujifilm X-T10 (and lovin it) with a 35mm lens and ISO 2000+ setting:

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”

“Sitting. Waiting. Wishing.”

“A little sip of laban after  a long day…”

“See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.”

can’t resist to take a quick snap of myself in front of this Indonesian Shop. It was so nice and vibrant.

“The dark does not destroy the light, it defines it.”

For more images you can view the whole album here taken during the event by other photographers as well.

You can also follow Fujifilm Middle East on Instagram: @fujifilmme.

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