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Me and my friends were recently invited to try out Mr.Crab’s new menu. By the way, Mr.Crab is a conveniently located in the Ground floor of the Deyaar Building, Al Barsha 1 next to Mall of the Emirates and since I just live in Barsha-hood and I love seafood, I just couldn’t say no to this invite.


(photo grabbed from Mr.Crab Facebook page)

Can I just say that their interiors are super duper nice? The ambience of the place is cozy as well – hanging lamps, plants on wall, mason jars and all. I just hate the fact that the lights are super yellowish so almost all of my photos were a bit yellow toned. But who cares other than my instagram account?- no one.

For starters, we were given a free small bucket of shrimp chips which is always a favorite whenever me and Ralph visit any Asian restaurant. Then we got a few more appetisers.

First in line is the Dynamite Shrimp.


This is so good and definitely one of our faves. It’s not too spicy and the breading of the shrimp isn’t that thick. It’s perfect.



Then they served the second appetisers which are the soft shell crab tacos. it’s amazing and really really good as well. Yup those are crunchy crab meat. Soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside. For me, texture is one of the basis of a good food and this definitely hit the spot.


If you’re not a fan of soft shell tacos then there’s nothing to worry cos Mr.Crab has a hard taco version too. I quite didn’t like this one cos I was never a fan of the hard shell version even when I go to Mexican restaurants. Also, I quite didn’t like that the somewhat “minced” crab meat is cold. It has avocadoes and drizzled with mayo and a special sauce.


After the tacos, they served their appetiser sampler which is already good for 4-5 persons. This one is a steal as you can almost try everything on their appetiser menu. Everything is good except for the onion rings which is a bit soggy for our liking. We want it crispy! Tastes good though.



And of course after the appetisers came the main meal. A huge platter of blue crabs, corn on the cob, shrimps, mussels and baby potatoes served on a sweet and spicy cajun sauce. It’s good for 4 persons and comes with unlimited rice and unlimited lemon or peach iced tea. It’s a huge bang for your buck right there!

You can eat with your hands of course plus the crabs are super juicy it’ll melt in your mouth. I also liked the mussels too as it really absorbed the cajun flavor so it’s super tasty.

Even though we’re super full already, we will always make room for dessert. Anyway we couldn’t say no to this mouthwatering  “brownie madness”.


I like it but the next dessert is what I liked the most out of Mr.Crab’s new menu:


Guys and gals, if you’re going to visit Mr.Crab, it’s a must that you order their “Matcha Lava”. Maybe I’m just biased because I love anything matcha but this is super good and heavenly.


and totally instagram worthy too!

To sum it up, our whole lunch experience was amazing. It’s a value for money. If you’re craving for seafood and you’re on a budget, I would totally recommend Mr.Crab. The staff are super friendly too and the service is superb. I’m rating it 8/10. No doubt that I will come back since me and Ralph always eats here but next time I will definitely try their Singapore Chili Crabs.


Deyaar Building, Street 2A, Sheikh Zayed Road, Barsha 1, Dubai

Phone number

 04 3930730

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