HEY MAY: My Life Lately

Heya! This blog’s been dead for a month so I thought of doing a quick update. Life’s been keepin me busy lately to the point that I feel like I needed a break again. I just had a 3 weeks vacation last April so i’m really struggling to be productive this month (shouldn’t i feel more refreshed and inspired??? lol). Also, the weather in Dubai isn’t helping to my stress levels at all. The humidity and heat is just killing me. But life has been very good to me though and I’m really grateful. I’ve been receiving and accomplishing lots of freelance works which is really good. Here are a couple of updates from me lately:

On Blogging

One cause of my stress I guess is the thought of post processing all my travel photos then posting it on my blog. I mean am I the only one who always feel pressured to update their blog? Why do i always think that people are always waiting for an update from me when really the reality is no one reads my blog other than me. haha. Why am i always trying to build something that people want to read when I think I should always remind myself that this blog is for myself and the sole purpose of of this is documentation and reference to be back read 5 years 10 years from now or maybe tomorrow just to check what i’ve become, what i did and places i’ve been.

Way back 2005, growing up as a teen introvert was hard so I always stayed home and lived like a monk. I felt like I’m becoming really weird and antisocial so  I knew that I needed a way to express myself that’s why I’ve decided to start blogging. Until now that blogspot blog is still up and i still back read from time to time. You know back then, the landscape of blogging was totally different. It was simple and unadulterated. You just write whatever you want to write without being bothered by anything. I miss old-school blogging.

Just for laughs thought I’d post something that I posted on my blogspot last 2005. It was simple story telling. This is what I miss. I am not bothered or pressured by anyone or anything. Sorry if it was in tagalog but the whole post was about me being absent at school for the day because i’m not feeling well. I was in high school and pressured by all the things that’s happening at school while taking care of my sister’s baby which is now in high school too (sh*t i’m old).

My Blog

Now speaking of blogs, let’s talk about my blog. It just happens that my pending task list is growing and growing as we speak and just thinking about it makes me feel tired already and whenever this happens and i feel demotivated, it became my habit to redirect my attention to my blog. You know, just do stuff, play around on the layout, change colors, reposition the adsense banners etc. like I don’t have other better things to do and believe me this happens more than twice or thrice a month.

So yes last week I changed the header and change the colors and i really liked it.

Also finally I decided to take action on my growing list of spam comments. Friggin 11,466 worth of spam comments. Fyeah Spammers. Thanks to the Batch Comment Spam Deletion Plugin.

Also, i’ve added a few functionalities on my sidebar – a featured travel posts thumbnails and an ask me form.

Got graphic design requests or problems? Wanna start blogging and need help building your blog? Want Netflix Movie/Series Recommendations? Ask me. Ask me anything. Honestly, i just miss when ask.fm or even TumblAsk were still a thing and I get to ask random nonsensical questions to people.


Ok so I actually set a financial goal which is to be accomplished by the end of the year. I’m calling it my Fuck Off Fund. I have this goal of X amount of money that I need to save on my bank account by January 1, 2018. It is the 5th month of the year and so far so good. I am on track and yes I still manage to pay my bills on time while helping my family and splurge a bit. I also think it’s worth mentioning that I haven’t even used my credit card for a couple months now even when I traveled (aside from my uber/careem trips which unfortunately i couldn’t connect my debit so I have no choice).

How do I manage to save? Simply put, Law of Attraction (if you haven’t yet, please read the secret). I always think about that X amount of money that I need to achieve all the time. It keeps me focused on my $$$ goal. I think it also helps that me and Ralph are pretty conscious on our spending. We’re not that luxurious but we always keep track of what we spend everyday and list them down on a shared google spreadsheet so both of us can easily update it anywhere and since the start of the year, i’m happy to say that we’ve managed  to update it everyday. Every month we compare if we’ve spent much or less from the past months.

But yes, adulting ain’t easy guys and gals. I had to work so hard to be able to save. Apart from my 9-6 job, I had to accept loads of freelance works and forced myself to learn loads of things to be able to work more efficiently and stay organised.  I had to refrain myself from going to Zara. haha. I dedicated my weekends working and learning new stuff.

TV Series

Me and Ralph were so hooked with the The Grimm! We started it last month on Netflix and now we’re at Season 3! As of writing this post we just finished the “Aswang” episode which is based on a Filipino folklore. It was a very unsettling episode. And we never knew that the character who played Wu was Filipino. haha this series is good. I felt sad upon hearing the news the other day that they didn’t renew it again for another season this year but we still have 4 more seasons and probably 50+more episodes to watch anyway so i guess we’re fine.


I’m really pretty happy at work since I am learning loads of stuff. Also, I’ve been coming in early the past few weeks and I’m pretty proud of that since I’m really struggling when it comes to being early.

I guess that’s all from the month of May. Some days were just monotonous so I hope June will be much more exciting so I can share more exciting stuff here.


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