On Being 28 and Grateful.

Wait I’m 28? How come? I can’t still fathom how I’m 2 years away from being 30. It’s a strange feeling knowing I’m getting older since I swear every year for the last 10 years I don’t feel like I aged one bit haha. And yes I know with this new age comes a lot of responsibility.

Whatever happens, I will always remember that moving to Dubai is all about finding myself and setting a foundation for my next phase. So here we are, so far so good (i guess) and I’m truly grateful.

Here are the 28 things I’m grateful for on being 28:

  1. I have a decent work life balance.
  2. I love my job to bits! I am so in love in what I do for a living that I still get to accept freelance gigs and not be stressed about it because I love what I do.
  3. People appreciate the work that I do.
  4. I’ve learned how to accept criticisms.
  5. I am grateful to have an eye for design and creativity. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do my job properly!
  6. I am earning a decent amount enough to support my loved ones back home and pay my bills on time.
  7. I can tell that I am starting to get wise on my spending! I stopped buying unnecessary things online although I still buy a lot of clothes meh. But I am very much aware of all my expenses. I even created a google sheet for me and Ralph so we can monitor all of our expenses.
  8. Thanks to my freelance gigs, I’m starting to have savings! yay!
  9. I am happy to have a partner. Someone who I consider to be my only best friend and who will always be there for me and made me feel loved all the time. Also someone’s who’s alway willing to binge watch whatever series i like to watch even the corniest and cheesiest ones (yep including that 1995 romcom feat Lea and Aga).
  10. I’m thankful I’ve started to control the food I eat. Yes to clean eating! I’ve been very concerned and alarmed with the food I eat. I’ve started to eat healthier than usual plus i’m cutting the carb and sugar bit by bit (it’s super hard though).
  11. I have never been so organised in my entire life. I love my note app and my handy dandy moleskine. I literally can’t live without it. It’s the first thing I look at in the morning when I wake up – in bed. No, I don’t check Facebook first or Instagram unlike before. I still check it though after seeing my task list. haha
  12. I’ve started to become a bit friendlier to people although I think I still need to speak more and be more open.
  13. I am learning my way how to listen to people more before talking.
  14. I’ve minimised complaining on things although I still rant often to Ralph. But I always try my best to have this mindset: Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining. And I don’t definitely want to be seen as person who always whine.
  15. I am grateful for my family whom I know is always there for me whatever happens.
  16. I am grateful to be able to travel to different places.
  17. I am grateful to have lost 3kg last month. lol
  18. I’ve learned a lot of new things.
  19. I’ve met a lot of people who inspires me to always do better.
  20. I am thankful for Facebook on reminding everyone that it’s my Birthday so now, my wall has been flooded with birthday greetings haha but seriously I’m thankful for being surrounded by good people.
  21. I am thankful to have good friends. They are just quite a handful but I know they are real people and the ones I could always count on.
  22. I’ve realised I can’t please everyone.
  23. I am grateful to be able to learn how to be more tidy. My brain just can’t function properly on a messy surrounding. Plus, I clean the bathroom by myself more often too!
  24. I can finally say I really learned how to cook. I just realised I can cook sinigang, nilaga, tinola or spaghetti without having to go to Panlasang Pinoy anymore.
  25. I am grateful to be able to try all sorts of food from different cultures so I’m not too ignorant anymore. I will forever love Knafeh, Halloumi and Laban UP.
  26. I’ve realised there’s no need to impress or compete with anyone anymore other than myself. This why I’ve stopped or lessened posting and bragging on social media (I mean I still do it from time to time but just when I am 100% sincere about it). I just realised I don’t want to feel valued and important via facebook or instagram anymore and I don’t want others to tell me how impressed they are with my accomplishments. I am #feelingblessed already in real life.
  27. I am grateful to have a father who taught me all the important things in life. I miss him so much but I know he’s happy wherever he is and he’ll never stop guiding me. I want him to know that out of everything, he’s the one I’m most thankful of.
  28. I am ready to live life with a purpose.

There you go the 28 things I’m grateful for on turning 28. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a lot of things but whatever. The fact that I have a lot of things to be grateful for means I’m doing good right? 🙂

Sharing some snippets of  how I celebrated my 28th Birthday as well. Thanks to Ralph for making it extra special.

Sending some love to all for remembering me on my special day as well! I appreciate all of your greetings! And of course I thank the one from above for the gift of life and that I’m eternally grateful for all the blessings he has given me and for making me appreciate life.



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