Tasty Eats at Taste Kitchen

In celebration of Eid Al Adha, me and my friend decided to ditch the overrated malls in Dubai (e.g. dubai mall, mall of the emirates and the likes) because we’re pretty damn sure it’ll be overcrowded. Instead we’ve decided to go to Mercato Mall in Jumeirah.

We really wanted to eat at Paul but we saw this nifty restaurant called Taste Kitchen. We saw their ads inside the mall and since we’re suckers for healthy clean food, we decided to try it. Apparently it is owned by Nick Alvis & Scott Price, the creative guys responsible for Table 9 (ehem, Gordon Ramsay trained chefs).  Think of fresh ingredients, creative cooking and friendly service in a very relaxing ambience, this is Taste Kitchen.

Their menu isn’t large but still covers a good range of dishes. The breakfast menu is nice. I will try it some other day. Branding wise, I love everything I see on Taste Kitchen. Simple yet appealing. Clean. Also, I love black logos and oftentimes I judge restaurants based on their branding.

The way I see it the restaurant is very casual and it has a very light and relaxing ambience.

Complimentary bread with Extra v-o-o for drizzling. What I love about this restaurant is that they offer a variety of fresh smoothies and infused water.

Mandatory waiting shot.

I like the way they give their wifi passwords. That chalkboard thing is pretty neat.

Their fish and chips is sumptuous.  The fish was well cooked and crispy but forget the fish, that mashed green peas is something I’m coming back for.

My friend ordered the Sherry fillet. With this one, I thought the sherry is a bit overpowering.

We ordered the baked chocolate mousse for dessert and we thought it’s really amazing. I never thought you can bake a mousse. While typing this post, I’m craving for this one. I want it nooooow.

Bill was presented creatively as well.

Bill for 2 persons. I think the price was reasonable.

I think it’s cool that out of a sudden there’s a an outbreak of creative restaurants in this City (e.g Tom and Serg, Jones the Grocer etc.) and all in all Taste Kitchen will not disappoint. It’s a must try. Service was good and staff were friendly. We enjoyed our dinner and I hope they open new branches soon!

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