Catching up with the Bride to Be + DIY Wedding Invites

Gladz is literally my first friend when I first set foot here in the sandpit 5 years ago. She was my roommate and the only person who taught me how to cook adobo. I can still remember those days when we were just sharing a double deck bed  in a 3 bedroom apartment where i think 20 people lives. It was during that time when I was welcomed to the reality of adulthood, what OFW life is like and how to live on your own. We were happy just having a 5 dirham shawarma every night for dinner. Well, those were the days. Look how far we’ve come now. She’s now getting married and I finally got my own apartment!

I was so happy when I heard the news so of course I was very happy to say yes when she asked me to do the honor of designing her wedding invites. Gladz wanted a simple and minimal design with dark blue motif and an invitation that she can DIY. She will print it herself and just add some finishing touches like ribbons etc. I personally think that one shouldn’t spend loads on a wedding invitation so if you can do it yourself, why not??? You can save loads which you can then just invest on the reception or catering fee. 😀 I was glad she liked it and I seriously can’t wait for the wedding itself!

We had a bit of a catch up as well since we haven’t seen each other for ages! We decided to meet at one of my favorite cafe in Dubai – Roseleaf. If you want fresh food and a place where it’s not crowded, go there! It’s inside the Dubai Garden Centre so you can also do some plants shopping. This is where I bought all of my cactus (cacti).

She bought me chopsticks and apron in honor of us becoming more domesticated as time goes by. lol.

My blog is back!

…but some of the posts were not. It’s been a while! This website has been on hiatus since I can’t even remember when. For some very weird reason, I deleted everything and I didn’t have…

Street Nights DXB

It has been a dusty yet colourful and awesome weekend last 20th and 21st of February as I was able to attend Dubai’s largest street party in Al Quoz! Imagine closing one street to showcase DXB’s street culture.

In collaboration with the Dubai Food Festival, the streets of Al Quoz came alive with street art, music and delicious street-food. For two nights, lots of local and international artists performed and shared their talents which was attended by thousands of visitors. Yup, thousands of Dubai peeps chose to get out of the mall, braved the sandstorm and attended this event. Street Nights is a community project which aims to promote public art in Dubai.

Street art in UAE is emerging and growing rapidly like you can’t imagine.  International and local street artists like L7M, Bandi, Zomby, Weik, FWC were among others who shared and exhibited their talents during the event.The best part is the entrance was free and open to everyone – kids and adults!

So here’s a quick photo bomb of what happened during that crazy weekend.

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