• Our DIY Wedding Invitation

    It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog and last time I’ve updated, I’ve mentioned that I’m engaged. So many things have happened since then and we got busier than ever with side gigs (to help fund our wedding) and Ralph doing freelancing full time. Fast forward to 11 months, here we are getting crazier by the day on the wedding preps! Our wedding will be this coming Jan. Nothing extravagant but still we didn’t want to spend a lot. 🙂

    At first, my fiance and I have decided that we’re just going to hire somebody else to do it for us to save us the hassle but  when we asked for some quotes here in Dubai it’s even pricier than my wedding gown. lol. Hell nah.

    So to cut the story short, even though we know that it’s gonna steal most of our rest days or weekend, we’ve decided to just do  the invitations ourselves. We basically just bought a new laser printer which just costs about 600dhs, a laminator worth 150dhs, some nice textured papers, tracing paper (to substitute velllum) paper cutters and heat transfer foil + loads of time and effort.

  • Catching up with the Bride to Be + DIY Wedding Invites

    Gladz is literally my first friend when I first set foot here in the sandpit 5 years ago. She was my roommate and the only person who taught me how to cook adobo. I can still remember those days when we were just sharing a double deck bed  in a 3 bedroom apartment where i think 20 people lives. It was during that time when I was welcomed to the reality of adulthood, what OFW life is like and how to live on your own. We were happy just having a 5 dirham shawarma every night for dinner. Well, those were the days. Look how far we’ve come now. She’s now getting married and I finally got my own apartment!