Spending Our First Valentines Day as a Married Couple.

Nothing sweeter than a Valentine’s Day spent at home.

I think since my husband I have been together for 4 years (it still gives me the cringe to call him as my husband haha), we don’t crave the fancy dinners and eating out as much as before. Gone are the days when if there’s an occasion, the first thing we will think of is to search for a fancy restaurant and book a reservation. Although of course from time to time we still go out but just when we feel like it. Like we will just go out if we want to try something or if we really want to go outside to see some sun and rest our eyes after a whole day of working in front of the computer.

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Into the Woods – Our Engagement Photoshoot in Armenia

Initially Ralph and I weren’t really planning on doing an engagement shoot since we’re not really into it and because we are probably the most awkward people you’ll meet so we can’t really imagine ourselves posing in front of the camera. Also, we thought we’d rather save up for the wedding. But when we arrived to Armenia for a holiday and seen how beautiful the city is, our plans have changed and decided to go for it. It was probably one of the best decisions we ever made.

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November hit me hard.

I can’t believe it’s December already. Where has the time gone? Can’t believe I’m getting married next month but before I get to celebrate and enjoy one of my life’s greatest feat, I have to experience pain and sadness first. To say that November was crazy is an understatement. I think it’s the lowest point of my life this year.

It started really busy, with work, side gigs, wedding preparations and etc. It was crazily busy that I can’t even remember what happened most of the days. It was the kind of busy that I didn’t like. Monotonous and stressful. Ralph and I were restless and sleepless everyday. Most of the time, we ask ourselves if everything that we’ve been doing is even worth it. If Dubai is still even worth it.

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My blog is back!

…but some of the posts were not.

It’s been a while! This website has been on hiatus since I can’t even remember when. For some very weird reason, I deleted everything and I didn’t have any backup. So basically mostly all of my posts from the past few years were gone with the wind. I managed to revive some. It’s very sad but I don’t have the time to sulk and cry on it. It’s the new year and I’m blogging from the beautiful island of BALI so I don’t have time to complain at all. I’ve never been this tanned and happy! All I know is I will try my very best to blog more this year! I will try to share some snippets of my design and travel adventures so stay tuned! Continue “My blog is back!”

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On Being 28 and Grateful.

Wait I’m 28? How come? I can’t still fathom how I’m 2 years away from being 30. It’s a strange feeling knowing I’m getting older since I swear every year for the last 10 years I don’t feel like I aged one bit haha. And yes I know with this new age comes a lot of responsibility.

Here’s a photo dump of how I’ve celebrated my 28th Birthday.

We booked a room at Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf and got unlimited ride to this Gondola.

I had my favorite baby back ribs for lunch.

We also got free passes to Wild Wadi.

We had dinner at Ralph’s Aunt place cos it’s also his nephew’s birthday – ADI. We’re so much alike in so many ways: both smart and stubborn.


It was one of the best birthday celebrations I’ve had in a long time.  It reminds me of my childhood birthdays when we had barely anything to eat everyday but my mom would buy me cake and papa would buy ulo ng lechon just for my birthday then the whole family will share it over dinner.It was simple yet unforgettable. For me, this is how birthdays should be. It shouldn’t have to lavish, but should be memorable.

I am truly grateful for this year cos I know I’ve been trying to improve myself (and still does) and I’m learning a lot of things like saving money and trying not to spend a lot for unnecessary things. Also, I’ve learned how to be patient and to be more accepting. I’m super grateful for all the blessings and love I’m getting and I just hope and pray that God will help me keep my feet on the ground. Looking forward to what’s in store for me this year!


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HEY MAY: My Life Lately

Heya! This blog’s been dead for a month so I thought of doing a quick update. Life’s been keepin me busy lately to the point that I feel like I needed a break again. I just had a 3 weeks vacation last April so i’m really struggling to be productive this month (shouldn’t i feel more refreshed and inspired??? lol). Also, the weather in Dubai isn’t helping to my stress levels at all. The humidity and heat is just killing me. But life has been very good to me though and I’m really grateful. I’ve been receiving and accomplishing lots of freelance works which is really good. Here are a couple of updates from me lately:

On Blogging

One cause of my stress I guess is the thought of post processing all my travel photos then posting it on my blog. I mean am I the only one who always feel pressured to update their blog? Why do i always think that people are always waiting for an update from me when really the reality is no one reads my blog other than me. haha. Why am i always trying to build something that people want to read when I think I should always remind myself that this blog is for myself and the sole purpose of of this is documentation and reference to be back read 5 years 10 years from now or maybe tomorrow just to check what i’ve become, what i did and places i’ve been.

Way back 2005, growing up as a teen introvert was hard so I always stayed home and lived like a monk. I felt like I’m becoming really weird and antisocial so  I knew that I needed a way to express myself that’s why I’ve decided to start blogging. Until now that blogspot blog is still up and i still back read from time to time. You know back then, the landscape of blogging was totally different. It was simple and unadulterated. You just write whatever you want to write without being bothered by anything. I miss old-school blogging.

Just for laughs thought I’d post something that I posted on my blogspot last 2005. It was simple story telling. This is what I miss. I am not bothered or pressured by anyone or anything. Sorry if it was in tagalog but the whole post was about me being absent at school for the day because i’m not feeling well. I was in high school and pressured by all the things that’s happening at school while taking care of my sister’s baby which is now in high school too (sh*t i’m old).

My Blog

Now speaking of blogs, let’s talk about my blog. It just happens that my pending task list is growing and growing as we speak and just thinking about it makes me feel tired already and whenever this happens and i feel demotivated, it became my habit to redirect my attention to my blog. You know, just do stuff, play around on the layout, change colors, reposition the adsense banners etc. like I don’t have other better things to do and believe me this happens more than twice or thrice a month.

So yes last week I changed the header and change the colors and i really liked it.

Also finally I decided to take action on my growing list of spam comments. Friggin 11,466 worth of spam comments. Fyeah Spammers. Thanks to the Batch Comment Spam Deletion Plugin.

Also, i’ve added a few functionalities on my sidebar – a featured travel posts thumbnails and an ask me form.

Got graphic design requests or problems? Wanna start blogging and need help building your blog? Want Netflix Movie/Series Recommendations? Ask me. Ask me anything. Honestly, i just miss when ask.fm or even TumblAsk were still a thing and I get to ask random nonsensical questions to people.


Ok so I actually set a financial goal which is to be accomplished by the end of the year. I’m calling it my Fuck Off Fund. I have this goal of X amount of money that I need to save on my bank account by January 1, 2018. It is the 5th month of the year and so far so good. I am on track and yes I still manage to pay my bills on time while helping my family and splurge a bit. I also think it’s worth mentioning that I haven’t even used my credit card for a couple months now even when I traveled (aside from my uber/careem trips which unfortunately i couldn’t connect my debit so I have no choice).

How do I manage to save? Simply put, Law of Attraction (if you haven’t yet, please read the secret). I always think about that X amount of money that I need to achieve all the time. It keeps me focused on my $$$ goal. I think it also helps that me and Ralph are pretty conscious on our spending. We’re not that luxurious but we always keep track of what we spend everyday and list them down on a shared google spreadsheet so both of us can easily update it anywhere and since the start of the year, i’m happy to say that we’ve managed  to update it everyday. Every month we compare if we’ve spent much or less from the past months.

But yes, adulting ain’t easy guys and gals. I had to work so hard to be able to save. Apart from my 9-6 job, I had to accept loads of freelance works and forced myself to learn loads of things to be able to work more efficiently and stay organised.  I had to refrain myself from going to Zara. haha. I dedicated my weekends working and learning new stuff.

TV Series

Me and Ralph were so hooked with the The Grimm! We started it last month on Netflix and now we’re at Season 3! As of writing this post we just finished the “Aswang” episode which is based on a Filipino folklore. It was a very unsettling episode. And we never knew that the character who played Wu was Filipino. haha this series is good. I felt sad upon hearing the news the other day that they didn’t renew it again for another season this year but we still have 4 more seasons and probably 50+more episodes to watch anyway so i guess we’re fine.


I’m really pretty happy at work since I am learning loads of stuff. Also, I’ve been coming in early the past few weeks and I’m pretty proud of that since I’m really struggling when it comes to being early.

I guess that’s all from the month of May. Some days were just monotonous so I hope June will be much more exciting so I can share more exciting stuff here.

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What’s Up March!

I can’t believe it’s March already! Time flies so fast and so much has happened already that I feel like the year is about to end soon and 2018 is just around the corner haha! On a good note, the first two months of the year has been great so far for me. I’m truly grateful because I was able to travel to 2 countries already in January which I will share soon (hopefully I can finish post processing my photos). I also had lots of freelance works coming in which means extra money (for more travels) yay!

I’d just like to share more important happenings the past 2 months:


Let’s start with my favorites from my recent favorite things:

1.) The Happiness Planner

So my boyfriend got me the  The Happiness Planner.  I told him I wanted a planner since one of my new year resolutions this year is to get organised so this will truly help! According to their website, The Happiness Planner helps inspire people to live a purpose and passion driven life and to find happiness from within. It is designed to increase our self-awareness, cultivate positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and personal growth. It will increase your happiness level and will be okay no matter what happens in life. I love this planner since it also matches the color of my blog and my new (personal) branding and I super love its packaging too (i’m a sucker for any product with good packaging)! I feel really bad though cos I’ve been really super busy I couldn’t find time to write much here. I guess I really need to sort out my priorities and I really need to do some time management.

2.) Mood Calendar

This DAILY MOOD Calendar from desertcart. It’s like a desk calendar, but instead of telling you the day, it tells your mood… Since I’m an introvert and a particularly complex individual, it helps people in the office to know what mood am in for the day. If you’re an introvert like me, you really need this in your life.

3.) Matte Black Mug from Coffee & Motivation Company.

I pretty much live on coffee and every morning this motivational mug helps me get inspired to work harder everyday! It says “The goal is to retire rich & young.” I also like this mug since the design is super minimal and it’s matte. Totally worth every penny.

Finally! My Personal Branding!
I’ve decided to create a branding for myself and after so many years of being a graphic designer, i’ve finally decided to print my own business cards. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to create and design a branding or brand identity for myself when if it’s for work or if it’s for a client I easily come up with something. I’ve decided to use the colours gold-beige-ish sort of pantone and black. My icon is a combination of my initials which is a T & C. Also, it resembles the “pi” symbol which is used in math (3.1416…) or the greek symbol. Accdg. to wikipedia “pi” is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter but I really don’t care about that. All I care is that it’s an irrational number. Meaning, its exact value is inherently unknowable. Just like myself: I’m very unpredictable. I’m very difficult to interpret. Also, I think Pi is the most beautiful mathematical equation of all time. Even if I didn’t paid much attention to my Math subjects, I still remember and haven’t forgotten PI.


On Being Late.
I got so used to being late it’s getting out of hand. I mean i’m very fortunate enough to be able to have a kind of flexible time in the office but of course nothing beats starting early. You know, early bird catches the early worm 😀 so i really think this is the most important thing that I need to change right now. Being Punctual.

1 year Work Anniversary

I just celebrated my 1st year Milestone at work! It’s quite a big deal for me since the past few jobs I had was really tough for me and I really didnt feel I was happy then. This time, I’m very glad to say that I like what I’m doing and very happy with my work environment for realzzzz!


Me and Ralph has been making the most out of our Netflix subscription! We’re not really party-goers and we’re both the type of person who always want to just stay at home so since last year, we couldn’t stop but binge watch a lot of series! Last year, we’ve finished Silicon Valley, How to Get Away with Murder, Making a Murderer, House of Cards, Stranger Things, True Detectives, Real Detectives just to mention a few but here are our top picks so far:

Making a Murderer
The one that started it all. This is the reason why we’ve decided to continue our subscription from Netflix from the free trial. I had trouble sleeping for a week after watching this. This series will let you feel all the hate in the world and will make you start to create your own theories and will start to read on forums about others’ theories too until you don’t know what to believe anymore. If you haven’t watched this series yet, you’re missing out a lot.

The Fall
I’m not really sure how we ended up watching this show but maybe because we love crime-dramas. The Fall is is a British-Irish crime drama television series filmed and set in Northern Ireland. To be honest I really didn’t expect much from this series cos I thought it was boring but we got so hooked! It was really good and very upsetting. Also, I swear I think my accent has changed after watching this series.

This one’s a korean drama and it’s on Netflix and we’re running out of series to watch so me and Ralph gave it a try. Now I’m a big fan of k-dramas or movies so I know I’m gonna like it initially but Ralph isn’t so he’s a bit skeptical if we should really watch it. I forced him into it and he eventually liked it after the first episode! D-day is not your usual cheesy/romantic k-drama. We were blown away after finishing the whole series in a week and it’s actually one of the best ones I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot of k-dramas haha. The story was built around a disaster (earthquake) that happened in Seoul and how the characters responded during the whole disaster scenario. Mostly focused on a team of medical doctors and emergency personnels that struggle to deal with its aftermath. I’m telling you, there isn’t any single boring episode on this series. Definitely worth watching even if you’re not a fan of korean dramas. So many WTF  moments and will leave you hating so many characters.

Black Mirror
This one we finished last year and I don’t know why but for some reasons it’s starting to get some buzz again this year and people were talking about it again. I guess it’s that good and all episodes from all 3 seasons really reflects what’s happening in reality. Black Mirror is  television anthology series that shows the dark side of life and technology. Technology is evil you guys! haha but nevertheless I don’t think I will have a job right now without technology too.I guess the machines or technology are not really the danger here: it’s the anonymous, antiseptic monstrousness they can empower. Me and ralph binged watch the whole 3 seasons within a week.

My favorite episode is Nosedive, first episode from Season 3 . Another episode I love is the third episode from Season 1 which everyone has access to a memory implant that records everything they do, see and hear. You will never forget a face again because you can easily rewind everything that happens!… but is that always a good thing? I think each episode makes you question and think about reality. It criticizes the absurd society we’re living in. Most of the times I feel like each episode is almost too accurate as a representation of what most of our lives look like right now, it’s super scary!

Orphan Black
We just finished season 1 of this series yesterday and can’t wait to see the other seasons (uhm hello Netflix Middle East, please upload it soon will ya???). Orphan Black is a Canadian science fiction thriller series that is so good I badly wanted to finish the whole first season in one sitting. The series focuses on Sarah Manning, a woman who assumes the identity of one of her fellow clones, Elizabeth Childs, after witnessing Childs’ suicide. There is mystery, humor, action, drama, suspense, and the sci-fi element in this series, I just couldn’t get enough! Also, I think the actress who plays the lead role, Tatiana Maslany did a great job portraying all the clones. I adore her! I feel like the other clones were really portrayed by different people.


Google Adsense Update

Although I’ve created and set up a google adsense account ages ago, I haven’t really paid much attention to it since last month! I mean I still have no clue how it works and how I could earn money from it up until now but I’ve started to set up my ads properly here on my website. I’m still clueless but I promised myself I’m gonna start reading more about it. I mean I don’t think it will hurt to monetise my blog right? It’s actually cool since I can also see that people are somehow reading my blog and I’ve actually earned almost $9? I mean it’s nothing but I didn’t actually do anything to earn it aside from setting it up.

Google alerts
Did you know that google can now notify you whenever your name appears online or somebody mentions you on their website? So cool and helpful since I have a habit of always googling my name when I’m bored.

On another note, March started with a bang too! I’ve been selected as one of the influencers for Dubai Food Festival and was given a budget to eat, eat and eat and almost all my weekends in March have already been booked with restaurant invites! How can I say NO to food? so you can expect loads of food post soon and on my instagram (i’ve actually started to flood people some photos!  Here are some snaps last weekend:

So stoked on what else March has to offer!

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2014 Highlights & Lowlights (a year in review)

Can’t believe it has already been almost a month since 2015 started and i’m still missing the holidays. To be honest, the thought that it’s already 2015 hasn’t sunk in to me yet. ‘Til now i’m still confused on what year to write on forms.  2014 brought so much change. It has been a year full of adventures, heartaches and emotional windwhirl.

So here are the highlights and lowlights of my 2014:

January: usual drill, i was a happy owl, I was able to go back home to spend the new year with my family.

February: based on my facebook posts, it was a pretty boring month and nothing extraordinary happened.

March: Visited a few of Dubai’s historical landmarks e.g. Dubai Museum and Bastakiya.

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