Club Epicure Branding

A few months ago, i was tasked to do the branding of a loyalty programme called Club Epicure.  It took me almost 2 months to finish this because of the never ending back and forth between the hotel directors and me. I got yelled at a couple of times but I had fun though and I learned a lot during the process. I learned how to deal with Chinese printing companies. I learned how to do the printing specifications for each artwork properly. I learned how to do the copy writing in Chinese characters haha and I learned how google translate can help you big time for projects like these.

The client wants a very minimalist design. It’s a Chinese brand so it needs to attract mostly people from the Asian region. I’m Asian, so I basically already had an idea of what colors to use.  I chose oriental colors like Red and Blue. I also chose Golden and Silver Pantone to match. The client also wanted to use a a neutral color so I opted for a gradient flesh to brown.

I designed everything from logo down to website. The client loved the website most.

IMG_4316 IMG_43151 IMG_4322 IMG_4320 IMG_4320-720x400 IMG_4319-2 IMG_4318-2 IMG_4317 IMG_4313 IMG_4312

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