Contagion Run Dubai 2014

Contagion Run is Dubai’s First Zombie Themed 5km Obstacle Course. A contagion has infected humanity, turning people into zombies. The only way to escape this contagion is to RUN! Yup, run for your lives!

I’m a huge zombie fan. You could probably name a zombie film, book or series and there’s a 98% chance I’ve already read and watched it (and that even includes zombie films from the 80′s!). So when I’ve heard that they’re doing this zombie themed run, you wouldn’t even imagine how excited I was. I have joined this kind of event last 2 years ago in Manila (Outbreak Manila) so this is not so new to me. I was a survivor then so this time, I’ve decided to try being a zombie which was so much fun! If you have chosen to be a survivor, your goal is to finish the course with at least one of the three flags you are given, if you’re a zombie like me, well you have to chase some humans and get as many lives (or flags) as you can. I swear as a zombie, we kinda took it seriously, we chased survivors and ran so much (yes with the annoying pencil on my face). I was literally dead the next day with my body in too much pain (plus extreme hangover because of the afterparty). Rule #1: CARDIO

I really had fun doing my own makeup. I even got a call from someone if they could hire me to do makeup for their event. Thanks youtube, toilet paper and glue! I was a zombie school girl which when the zombie outbreak happened was taking her exams probably. The pencil is supposed to be placed on my nose but I couldn’t take it and I couldn’t breathe properly so I told myself to forget it.

And it couldn’t get any cooler than doing this event with your own manager which is a really cool zombie as well! Rule # 8: Get a KICKASS partner!

So here’s the story…  (which I just made up btw)

Dubai was overrun by zombies. Hundred thousands of locals and expats are seeking shelter, protection and medical attention. The government is doing its best to transport the uninfected to a secured isolated area (safe zone) which is in Nad Al Sheba but unfortunately as you know, mistakes inevitably happen. Alongside the uninfected ones, they have also brought in carriers of the virus but just haven’t turned yet so they didn’t notice. In a few hours they turned into brain eating walkers so yeah it was a total chaos! The uninfected humans should fight for their lives by running and finishing the obstacle course (blood pool etc.) while being chased by hungry zombies.

..come on humans, listen up if you wanna survive (and drink a can of cocacola)!

chaos everywhere!

…blood pool!

One cool emirati zombie right there!

Robotic zombie trying to kill the zombie school girl.

Zombie selfies.. coz you know… Rule#2: Double Tap :))

Yum yum!

This one’s too creepy! Kinda reminds me of Twisty the clown from AHS Freak Show.

awesome prosthetics

Even the paramedics were infected. No chance of surviving.. sorry

zombies… just chillin at the park.


…just strollin

picture courtesy of DubaiBlog

run for your lives!

Picture courtesy of DubaiBlog

nom nom nom

picture courtesy of DubaiBlog

…dead tired zombie school girl having her red bull fix

The Afterparty at McGettigan’s DWTC

We were in the newspaper the next day! ;)

I really had fun. I know deep down all of us have imagined or even wished a zombie outbreak happening in real life. Me, I always do especially when I’ve got so many client deadlines. :))

I wanted to thank all the organizers of this event for making this happen… and hopefully (more water stations for the zombies and the zombie who got the most number of flags should be given an award haha) and see you next year! :) Rule #32: Enjoy the little things.

Disclaimer:  I do not own some of the images posted. Special Thanks to the following for these amazing photos:

Cathy of

Jeffrey Pabroquez of

Megha Merani of 7days

Alexandra Neschetna of GreenMoments Photography

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