Impromptu Baby Photoshoot

I’ve been meaning to visit  my former manager, Manjeet and her newborn child, Jordan (plus their new home) since ages but I’ve been busy the previous month and I’ve only had the chance to visit them last weekend.

Babies nowadays grow up so fast. I feel that it was just yesterday when Manjeet was still pregnant and we catch up while munching sweet potato fries at cheesecake factory.

Here’s a photobomb of an impromptu photoshoot of Jordy:

First of all. I wasn’t prepared  for this shoot. I just felt like bringing my 60D during my visit and it turned out to be a good idea.

I learned so many things while doing this impromptu photoshoot. First, you need to be patient coz there will be times that no matter how much effort you do the baby will not smile and he will be all grumpy. Second, you gotta be an entertainer. You need to be able to make the baby smile and laugh. Third, you need to be ready. You’ll never know when he’ll be in the mood to smile or make cute expressions and lastly, you always to have to ensure that no matter what you do, the safety of the baby is always your priority.

If I have a chance, I will do this again, with a proper theme in place and definitely with props. Although a bit tiring, I found the whole experience wonderful and fascinating. I think me and my friend lady who’s helped me during the photoshoot enjoyed it.  We had a wonderful time trying to make Jordan do some cute and silly poses (which includes forcing him to take selfies with us).

Jordan is adorbs! He may not know what was happening during the photoshoot but i’m sure he’ll appreciate this pictures when he grows up.


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