Impromptu Summer Escapade: Musandam, Sultanate of Oman

If you live in Dubai and you’ve had enough sun and tired of the malls, or maybe when it’s too hot to stroll around Dubai’s iconic landmarks. What should you do? Do as the locals do and drive to Musandam, Oman.

This is what me and my friends did a couple of weeks ago. But since we don’t have a car and no one has a license, we opted to just do what a normal tourist would do: search for tours in Groupon! With just a click of a button and for only 179 dhs, we found ourselves one weekend with a group of strangers travelling to Oman for a day trip to Musandam.

Why Oman?

Located on the north, eastern point of the Gulf, a peninsula separated from the rest of Oman by the Emirates. It is a place where the Arabian Gulf meets the Indian Ocean, whose waters are called the Gulf of Oman.  It is the land of the Queen of Sheba, a land of deserts, rolling sands and shifting dunes. A land of spectacular mountains and wadis.

Meetup point for the tour was in Mall of the Emirates at 8:00 am sharp. From there the van and our very cool driver slash photographer was waiting for us. In over three hours we drove all the way to Oman – one of the Arabian Gulf’s most dramatic drives in the Peninsula. We’ve seen some of the region’s most breathtaking views. The drive is somewhat harrowing, climbing a steep, narrow dirt road that winds around the rocky mountain. The scenery is extraordinary, from stone houses built into the sides of precipitous cliffs to the surprisingly fertile Sayh Plateau with its farmed fields of almonds, mangoes, and date palms. ANearby, there are birds-eye-views to Khor an-Najd, a breathtakingly beautiful, glassy turquoise bay.

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Disclaimer: This is a video i’ve done out of the recycled videos i was able to recover on my card. It sucks that the pretty decent ones were accidentally deleted. I am nowhere near of being a videographer as my hands are very shaky. Plus, it’s my first time to use FINAL CUT PRO. Define noob and amateur.Watch if you want to get dizzy. I’m serious.

When we arrived at the UAE-Oman border, our car queued for visa checking / visa stamping. Then off we go to Dibbah, where our persian styled carpeted dhow cruise boat was waiting for us at the dock.

Snorkelling / Diving gears

We sailed along the Coastline of Musandam and we were served special Arabic tea, coffee as welcome drinks on board. As the dhow sailed we relaxed and sunbathed on board and watched the magnificent white and salty mountains of the coast. We also passed by the natural beautiful carved caves.

Then we stopped at the designated place for snorkeling and swimming. When we got tired, a traditional Omani/Arabic lunch was  prepared for us on board.

After lunch, we relaxed for a little and after an hour the crew gave us some fishing tools. We went fishing and I never thought fishing was hard. It takes a lot of effort, patience and concentration. I was able to catch one fish.

As you can see, fishing is the main livelihood for the people of Oman.

I think if ever there comes a time you get bored of Dubai, this beautiful peninsula with its cultural uniqueness is well worth a visit.

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