My first map illustration project. I was a bit hesitant at first whether to accept this project or not because I haven’t done any maps from before plus the fact that I also hate maps because I suck at locations (main reason why I don’t drive). But they talked me through it and said hey, why not give it a try. I was glad I did it. I learned a lot from the process and left me wanting to do more cool maps!

This map is for a Hotel located in an island in Maldives. The client specifically requested that they wanted a rustic-looking map based on this reference:

Yup. It’s quite complicated and quite challenging looking at this AutoCAD? file, but I only had at least 12 hours to work on it, thus my outcome:

Tadaaah! I’ve added some rustic textures and fishes to flourish it a little bit. The client was happy about the map but felt like the location of the greeneries needs to be improved. They have also requested to highlight their coral reef. They want the sand to be like off white and not brownish.

I was quite happy about this though I felt that the greeneries made it quite look a bit messy. On this round, the client has requested to make the coral reef a bit smaller and remove some of the properties on the map. Here’s the final approved version of the map.

I felt really happy after this got approved. Considering that this is my first time illustrating a map and given the tight deadline, the client was satisfied.  Well I guess it’s not that bad to try some new things out of your comfort zone. 🙂

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