Street Nights DXB – Bay Avenue

Street Nights DXB is back! In collaboration with the Dubai Food Festival, Bay Avenue came alive with street art, music and delicious street-food. Last night was a good night as I got a chance to witness some of Dubai’s best graffiti artists paint live as well as a BBOY battle while munching on some good street food.

Just to give you an idea of what’s going on here are some snaps last night.

Of course I had to start the event by eating. I already started to have a good time with my mouth-watering doner from Doner Deli while enjoying the view of the tallest building in the world.

But to be honest, I had a hard time choosing what to eat. There were so many choices. It was food truck overload.

After my food coma, I was able to wander around and catch up with some friends who also went to the event.

One cool part of the event was the street art.

Really cool guys from FWC who are passionate with graffiti. You can see more of their works and visit their instagram page here.

different forms of art were present during the eventThe crowd was just amazing. Unfortunately, I was too short to take a pic of what’s happening on the BBOY dance battle. But it was too fun to watch.Aside from the dance  battle, street art and food. There were also lots of different stalls which sells all sorts of stuff.

People were just chillin while listenin to some mad beats by DJ Lobito Brigante. Seriously, who would still want to stay at home, Netflix and chill when you’ve got these types of events? (believe me I had a hard time getting out of my bed as well and stop myself from binge watching House of Cards and Dexter abut I was so glad I did).

Check more info about Street Nights DXB here.

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