Street Nights DXB

It has been a dusty yet colourful and awesome weekend last 20th and 21st of February as I was able to attend Dubai’s largest street party in Al Quoz! Imagine closing one street to showcase DXB’s street culture.

In collaboration with the Dubai Food Festival, the streets of Al Quoz came alive with street art, music and delicious street-food. For two nights, lots of local and international artists performed and shared their talents which was attended by thousands of visitors. Yup, thousands of Dubai peeps chose to get out of the mall, braved the sandstorm and attended this event. Street Nights is a community project which aims to promote public art in Dubai.

Street art in UAE is emerging and growing rapidly like you can’t imagine.  International and local street artists like L7M, Bandi, Zomby, Weik, FWC were among others who shared and exhibited their talents during the event.The best part is the entrance was free and open to everyone – kids and adults!

So here’s a quick photo bomb of what happened during that crazy weekend.

Street Culture enthusiasts gathered around during the event despite the annoying sandstorm.

As part of the Dubai Food Festival, lots of fancy food trucks which offered mouth watering gourmet food were present during the even to feed the hungry creative people. :D

Hip Hop / B-Boy Dance Battle to entertain the audience.

There were also lots of commercial and independent pop up shops  during the event which sells awesome stuff like Dumb Drop (which i forgot to take a picture of :|).

There’s always a story behind each art and sometimes it can be so powerful. One of my favorite art pieces during the event: about the three Nigerian school children who escaped.

Props to Poser for this nice oil paintings.

The best part (and my favorite part) of this event were the cool graffiti installations created in front of my eyes while listening to the fresh live music of Deep Crates Cartel and while munching delicious street food.

Slomoe and Bird of FWC gettin it on

Brazilian urban artist L7M

Poser (FWC)

BAROK IPOT of FWC | Void Crew

Bird of FWC

Bonz of FWC

Melancholy of FWC

Porky of FWC

Defs of FWC | Pilipinas Street Plan

Dope Characters by MAD INK of FWC

Cool Kabuki Panda Graffiti by SLOMOE of FWC

To see more of these badass graffiti works by FWC, follow them on Instagram: @forwhatevercause. You may also contact them at

Welcome to the dark side! Amazing Star Wars Themed Graffiti by NEWBA

This is what you call details and patience. Ahhh those lines! Much respect to SHUCK2 for this work.

cool artwork by #ramiart

Amazing details! Artwork by Weik

Zomby x Frez

Panoramic Views of 4B Street in Al Quoz

No.1 fan :))

Yup, apparently this is how you’re supposed to give moral support – by doing some annoying candid shots.

I love this Portrait Artwork by Enforce One. Very Monroe-ish.

Can’t get enough of this art piece by L7M

Got a chance to catch up with some of my friends whom I havent seen for ages.

It was fun. If you were not able to attend this year’s street nights I feel bad for you but then there’s always next time so make sure you don’t miss it! Props to the organizers of Street Nights DXB for making this event happen despite the uncanny weather!  It was a weekend full of arts, music, food and creativity! Coolio.


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