Sushi Express Café: Not just another sushi place

There’s a new sushi place in town called the Sushi Express Café. It’s located at Jumeirah Lake Towers (Dubai marina) side. Since we are big fans of sushi and it’s just a couple of walks near our office building me and my colleague Cathy decided to check it out.

Ok let me start out by saying the staff was VERY VERY nice! Especially the manager, they are all very accommodating and friendly. Although when we entered the place we greeted them first but that’s because we’re just too friendly.

They are almost too nice we were being checked on by the staff every few minutes. The best thing is they are all fellow Filipinos. According to the manager, Mr. Romy Banoyo, the place is owned by a Pakistani and Japanese couple. It’s a very unique combo don’t you think? It’s good to think that the place serves authentic sushi because Romy said that everything on the menu is planned and prepared by the Japanese owners. There is a window to the kitchen so you can see the chefs at work, which is very nice, but the best thing is the quality of the food.

The staff’s uniforms were cool too since they kept it consistent with the branding.

The interiors are very Asian. It was nice and cozy inside, clean and tidy.

Overlooking the towers and the Lake.

In my own honest opinion, I really think they need to change their menu. I feel like it was done/printed in a rush. The designer could have chosen a nice and sleek Japanese/Asian font rather than using the super mega common Times. I appreciate the pictures though they could have taken them in different artistic angles but it was nice in a way that the customers can have an idea of how the food looks like. On another note, I think their logo is really superb and eye-catching.

Menu-wise, it was pretty extensive but I just wish they had desserts already available and my favorite Kani Salad and Miso Soup.

Our orders were delivered so quick. Well I guess they are living up to its name(express). Look at that picture. Well presented. I really believe, no matter how simple a dish is, presentation is always a plus.

Unfortunately, I’m allergic to chicken so we didn’t order the chicken gyoza which the waitress recommended. We opted for the vegetable gyoza which is sort of bland.

I’ve ordered the Mango Crab Philadelphia Cheese Spicy. The Philly cheese is so overpowering that it was just now that I realized there were crab meats in it. lol. Still, I find it nice. Sweet and savoury.

Potato Koroke. This was well cooked and yummy according to my friend.

Cucumber Avocado Fresh Tuna Spicy and the Cucumber Avocado Salmon Spicy Mayo. We really think these two dishes are good. Unlike other Sushi places, they are very generous and provided thick pieces of fish. It was fresh, tasty and melts in your mouth! Too bad, we didn’t order their specialty slash signature dish: Tempura sushi, but we’ll make sure to have a bite of it on our next visit.

The verdict? It didn’t disappoint! The sushi in here is great, no other word for it. Too bad they didnt have desserts yet because they said they’re still finalizing the menu.

Since there aren’t so many people during that time, we took the opportunity to take some pic of ourselves. :))

The damage: 128dhs for 2 people. The manager gave us the GYOZA for free. He’s very and cool and explained us all their specialties.

Will I go back to this restaurant? YES. definitely. It’s relatively cheap and a good value for money.  There were lots of sushi places here in Dubai, specifically in Jumeirah lakes Towers area but this one, I can say is a gem. It’s a great addition to the growing JLT community. Not to mention the place is very accessible (close to Dubai Marina Metro Station). I am glad that we now  have the option of getting good quality sushi for less. It just needs a bit more marketing, promotion and some word of mouth and it’s good to go.. All in all, we enjoyed our lunch. It made our stolen time out of an insane work day so enjoyable. Watch out for their GRAND OPENING SOON! :)

Sushi Express Cafe

Located at MAG214, Cluster R, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai

(no deliveries and only dine in for now)

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